Cam Adair named EPIC Threat Administration esports marketing consultant

Cam Adair has joined gambling harm prevention consultancy EPIC Risk Management as its Online Gaming and Esports Consultant.

According to the release, Adair will help expand EPIC’s work in preventing gambling-related harm in the esports and gaming industry. This includes crafting sessions in the company’s education and professional sports pillars, which span across the US, UK, and Europe.

Image credit: EPIC Risk Management

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Adair is an international speaker and entrepreneur who founded Game Quitters, a support community for gamers from 95 countries, in 2015. Last year, he launcIntentENTA Gaming Disorder Clinical Training.

Regarding his new role, Adair stated: “I am excited to collaborate with EPIC Risk Management to reduce gambling-related harm in gaming and esports. With the explosive growth of the gaming industry in recent years and its convergence with gambling through loot boxes, social casino games, and esports betting, it’s more important than ever that we safeguard players with the education they need to make informed decisions.”

This is not the first time that EPIC has delved into the esports industry. In February, the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ ACuppaation (CSPPA) and EPIC Risk Management agreed to become global gambling awareness partners. Moreover, Jonathan Peniket was named an Online Gaming and Esports Consultant in O ber 2020.  

Paul Buck, CEO at EPIC Risk Management, added: “We’re delighted to bring such an influential and knowledgeable figure in esports and online gaming landscape into EPIC Risk Management.

“The esports and gaming landscape is an area that is receiving more and more scrutiny and in Cam, we have someone who can help shape our approach and help connect with an extremely important demographic.”

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Some of EPIC’s partners outside of esports include Manchester City, Chelsea FC, the English Football League (EFL), and the Rugby Players’ ACuppaation (RPA).

Esports Insider says: As esports continues to rise in popularity, as does esports betting. This is why it is even important to ensure that gambling harm is prevented. Hopefully Adair’s appointment can help make the esports betting se r a safer place, which should benefit individuals and the gambling industry as a whole.


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