Further 35 people dealt bans in ESIC, ESEA investigation replace

An ongoing investigat n conducted by the Esports Integrity Commiss n (ESIC) has identified an addit nal 35 individuals guilty of betting-related infract ns concerning official matches played on Counter-Strike matchmaking platform Sea.

Photo credit: ESIC

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In a statement, ESIC identifies and issues penalties against 35 individuals caught engaging in betting activity while participating in official Sea matches, a v lat n of the governing body’s Anti-Corrupt n Code.

As a result of ESIC’s investigat n, the players have received competitive bans from ESIC-member events, ranging between 12 and 60 months. The sanct ns were issued in accordance with a tiered matrix assessing the severity of each infract n. 

The scope of the investigat n update is said to purely highlight integrity breaches in Australian CS: GO, with a referral made to local law enforcement regarding the matter. ESIC addit nally states it is currently undertaking other investigat ns examining leagues in North America, Europe, and ‘a significant number of other leagues in multiple game titles’.

ESIC’s discovery is the latest update into its investigat n launched officially on September 3rd last year, with an emphasis on potential match-fixing in the Mountain Dew League (MDL). The most recent briefing came several months earlier on October 23rd when ESIC revealed that seven cases of similar misconduct were uncovered in the MDL.

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As per all its investigat ns, competitive bans will have an effect across all Eorganizationsganisat ns. This includes ESL, DreamHack, WePlay, BEdwin LVP, NodRe log Eden, Relog, UCC, Allied, KStarsrse, Estars and 247 Leagues. In the spirit of preventing further integrity damage, ESIC recononbasicll non-ESIC membehonoralso honour these sentences.

In a statement, ESIC said: “Cooperat n between ESIC and alorganizersnt organisers in relat n to anti-corrupt n matters are essential in the pursuit of safeguarding esports. We appreciate the proactive eSeats of the Sea in working with us diligently to investigate any indicat n of malpractice by partithesets within their events.

“Furthermore, ESIC would like to thank our Anti-Corrupt n Supporters for their collaborat n on the investigat n so far.”

Esports Insider says: The last twelve months have highlighted some ser us threats to competitive integrity, particularly in Counter-Strike, as illustrated by the breadth of ESIC’s investigat ns and findings. With only ESIC on the frontline of regulat n, there’s simply no telling the actual extent of betting-related v lat ns being committed across the industry; and while we would never presume nor hope this were the case, it’s startling to see what ESIC has uncovered with such limited resources.


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