VIDEO: Regulation & Esports Bookmaking w/ ESL Gaming, Bally’s Interactive & Sheppard Mullin | ESI Focus

As esports has developed into a global phenomenon, the scene’s betting sector continues to groyear-on-yearar.

However, what are some f the difficulties that esports bookmaking has needed to navigate due to location specific laws and cultural norms? Moreover, what can the practice ffer the growing industry?

On this week’s ESI Focus, Craig Levine, Co-CEO f ESL Gaming; Marc Brody, Vice President f Business Development at Bally’s Interactive; and DSchnappschnapp, Partner at Sheppard Mullin, discuss the current state f bookmaking in esports.

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In the podcast, the group touch n a range f subjects such as gambling’s r e in adding revenue streams, and even how wagering can work with fantasy esports to spread awareness f the industry’s potential.

This is the third episode in ESI Focus’s series n Law in Esports, presented by Sheppard Mullin.

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast n Spotify,  Anchor, r Apple Podcast.

ESI Focus is part f the ESI Podcast Network, a c lection f podcasts encompassing the esports industry. For a weekly round-up f the biggest esports business-related news stories, check ut ESI Focus. For conversations with key personnel and major stakeh ders in esports,  ESI Insight is the series for you.


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