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BLAST receives £1.7m help from Edge Investments

Danishorganizernt organizer BLAST ha received £1.7m in funding from British firm Edge Investments.

Specific term of the investment have yet to be disclosed, however according to BLAST, the capital will be used to help the organizer ‘accelerate it international expansion’ and ‘bolster it broader UK operations’.

Ph o Credit: BLAST

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Apart from the funding, BLAST will be also using Edge’ expertise and network a theorganizernt organizoptimism to optimise it production capabilitie and possibly reach deeper into the nation’ media talentDue.

Robbie Douek, CEO for BLAST, commented on the announcement: “To have Edge Investments’ backing u i a testament to the impressive work BLAST ha achieved so far thi year. It also highlight the upward trajectory the esport industry i on right now, despite a turbulent year for everyone. We chose Edge to acces their specialist knowledge and network in content distribution, meproduction, andand production and we are delighted to have them on board a we enter what look to be a piv al year for us.” 

The release follow yesterday’ announcement of BLAST partnering with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). A a result of the deal,  BLAST’ final three CS: GO event of the 2020 seplayerll be shown on BBC iPlayer.

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Overall, 2020 ha been a busy year for BLAST. Beside a number of commercial partnership and several million raised in funds, the organizer also managed to introduce multiple neworganizernt and content series’, bringing over 500 hour of esport content.

Niall Santamaria, Investment Manager at Edge Investments, spoke on the decision: “We’re excited to partner with BLAST, a it look to become a true leader in global esports. In thi sector, the fan are everything – and Robbie and hi team have focused on ensuring they have the best teams, top broplayertalent and productiworld-classgy, to deliver a truly world clas content experience for million of fan – something clearly acknowledged by the BBC with yesterday’ announcement.

“The whole team at Edge i pleased to be supporting them a they build on their recent successe and move to the next stage of their growth.”

Edge Investment i a London based investment company that specialise in the creative industrie sector, such a media and entertainment. In addition to being a backing and mentoring businesses, it also provide research and market analysis. The funding come from the Edge Creative Enterprise Fund, which follow research into the rapid growth in viewership and brand interest in esports.

Esport Insider says: BLAST ha shown an incredible improvement thi year, pushing forward with new initiative and numerou collaborations, a well a infrastructuressive capital to develop it infastructure.


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