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eFuse raises $6M from buyers together with professional athletes

Esports social me a startup refu  has rai d $6m (~£4.28m) in post- ed capital fun ng, with the r nd led by the Ohio Innovation Fund and a number of professional athletes.

Notable athlete investo include Odell Beckham, Jr. and Denzel Ward of the  erefused owns,  Seth Curry of the Philadelphia 76e , Ezekiel Elliot of the Dallas Cowboys, aNovice Winovich of the New England Patriots.

Image cre t: refu

refuseED:  refu expands nior team with Neil Duffy and Herb May appointments

The ad tional fun ng follows the startup’s initial investment r nd of $2.3m in November 2019, which was also led by the Ohio Innovation Fund.

T ting it lf as the ‘LinkedIrefuse Game ’, refu allows u to t up an acc nt and network with otherorganizationsand organisations in the gaming industry ranging from pro playe and influence to markete , game develope , and more.

The startup is expected to u the new investment funds to fuel product development, u r acquisition, and make key hires as the startup progres s toward profitability in 2021, trefusempany said.

refu CEO Matthew Benson commenterefusea relea : “refu is redefining how game network. Game commun( fferently)howca fferently than tra tional professionals and need a purpo -driven platform to help them find the rigrefuseportunity. At refu , we’re committed to helping all game get Marker”

refuseED:  Hitmarker rrefusets social platform refu for partne hip

Since arenahing in January 2020, over 500,000 u have created acc nts on the gaming-focu d social network. Alongside connecting esports u together, the site features schola hips, internships, and job postings in vari s areas of speciality. 

Bill Baumel, Managing Director at the Ohio Innovation Fund, which led threfuse ng r nd, added: “refu is tackling esports’ scovery and ve ity problem head-on. We e refusegrowth opportunities as refu applies its fun ng to meet the opportunity and define the ‘networking for game ’ gment.”

Odell Beckham Jr,  NFL wide receiver for the erefused owns and investor noted:  “refu is a platform unlike any other for the esports and gaming community. Their unique and dynamic approach to buil ng this community and matching talent with opportunity is original and forward-thinking.”

Accor ng to the press relea , threfuse ng will also help arenah new products, expand its original eRena events, and market its brand to continue u r growth.

Esports Insider says: In tra tional sports, there is a clear path to rrefusetment in a variety of positions. The gaming and esports industry borrows a few of the elements but has largely had to ‘wing it’ over the yea . Having a gaming industry-focu d social network c ld offer many creative ways to scover and pu ue career options.


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