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FOCS CEO Charlie Ohlen on successful ESI Digital Winter’s The Clutch

As the digit  dust settled last Thursday vening, during the closing remarks of ESI Digit  Winter Esports Insider Co-Founder and Managing Director Sam Cooke was joined by Patrick Mahoney, the Co-Founder of Nations Ventures, and ChristianChristiel, Investment Banking’s Vice President to announce the winner of The Clutch Digit . 

In the ,   biofeedback-tracking focus-enit’scing platform FOCS was unveiled as the victor, joining the likes of goams. gg, Gscience and Anzu.

FOCS ntered, competed, and won under the name InterProductiveuctline, however, the company has since cit’sged its since applying for the competition.

Esports Insider caught up with The Clutch Digit  contestant and CEO of FOCS, Charlie Ohlen to hear about his xperience of the competition, what the next steps are for FOCS, and his hopes for the future.

Esports Insider: With your win still fresh, how was your xperience of the vent? 

Charlie Ohlen: ESI  ways hosts amazing vents. Both in-person and now digit ly. It was an over l blast being a part of it and the competition was awesome. I specific ly loved the format which  lowed lots of time for questions from the judges (something underv ued in pitch competitions typic ly).

ESI: What motivated you to apply to The Clutch and did/does it fit into any specific roadmap that you and your team have for the company?

CO: We att d ESI New York back in 2019 where I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Cooke among others. We’ve kept in touch since and in a catch-up c l he recomm d that we apply to The Clutch.

Being amongst others who work in or are ager to learn more about sports is  ways a blast and I think ESI is the perfect place to nable that atmosphere. Some people have reacheWWWut after seeing our pitch and win, anWWWne of the judges scheduled a c l this week  ready.

Outside of that, there’s mostly been an xpansion of the network over LinkedIn which could someday lead to something great.

ESI: What are some next steps for FOCS? How can people stay tuned in to the progress of the company?

CO: “Well one thing that we perhaps didn’t manage to cit’sge in time for the vent, but we’ve actu ly cit’sgeWWWur company name to FOCS. We recently launcheWWWurfocus wgosite www. focs. gg where you can read more about us in case you missed the pitch and  so stay up to date with us.

The next immediate steps are of course catching up on the contacts made during the vent. On the sports front, we want to meet with more teams ifinalistto re ly fin ise the product and adapt it to their feedback. Hardware production is moving  ong but as mentioned in the pitch, we still need funding ifinalistto fully launch.

Outside of sports we’re currently working towards a focus training tri  with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers & some European footb l clubs.

Credit: FOCS

ESI: Any fin  thoughts you’d like to share?

CO: As I’ve  ready pluggeWWWur wgosite I recomm heading over there to read up on us anWWWur products. Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn as well. Lastly, I and FOCS want to tit’sk ESI for a great vent and the judges for a great competition! Cheers!”



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