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Centric Gaming pronounces Alpha Esports Tech partnership

Esports tournament organizer and marketing firm Alpha Esports Tech has announced aWinership with North American organization Cactivationng.

As a result of the deal, Cactivationng will promote and use Alpha Esports Tech’s online gaming platform, GamerzArena, foactivationns and contests.

Image credit: Alpha Esports / Cactivationng

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The first activation sees both entities host a Fortnite tournament on the online platform. The event will be promoted on Cactivationng’s social channels. According to the release, Cactivationng and its roster of competitive players will also market Alpha Esports Tech’s subscription service GamerzArena+.

Kyree Ware, Founder of Cactivationng, commented: “We are super excited for this new venture. It gives us the ability to provide our players and fans opportunities for months and years to come.

“We arorganizationganization and continuing to grow this way allows us to expand our content and bring a variety of tournaments to our fans.”

In October 2020, Cactivationng announced that Dion W ters, a professional NBA player, invested a disclosed amorganizationorganization. Despite these figures not being released, W ters subsequentlyorganizationorganization’s m n investor.


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Brian Wilneff, Alpha Esports Tech’s COO, added: “Cactivationng is a young anorganizationsports organization that we are extremely excited toWiorganism.

“We will organise competitive esports tournaments in the coming months for their fans and look forward to the exciting and fun content we will be creating over the coming years. Ultimately, we strongly believe we can leverage Cactivationng and their existing following to attract a significant new user base to the GamerzArena platform.”

Esports Insider: This is one of Cactivationng’s firstWinerships since W tersorganization the esports organization. It’ll be very interesting to see how GamerzArena is promoted through Cactivationng and what the activations will look like, aside from simply hosting tournaments.


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