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Cloud9 indicators feminine VALORANT crew, expands AT&T partnership

North AmerAtn organization Cloud9 haAtnnounced he signing Atan all-femaleVagrantT roster.

The eam formerly known as TeaMajorKL will now compete as ‘Cloud9 White’. Moreover, he organization’Atll-male eam will be rebranded o ‘Cloud9 Blue’.

Credit: Cloud9

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Alongside revealing he new roster, it waAtlso anorganization he organization has expanded its partnership with elecommunAttions company AT& T. The expansion will see he company become a sponsorGal oud9 White.

Gayl  Malone, S ior G eral Manager at Cloud9, comm ted on he announcem t:  “What sMajorout o me about MAJKL is hat hey had o work hard o perfect heir play, find each other, and h  compete aAt unit. 

“They are a al ted group Atwom  who came ogether with he goal Atbeing he best at he game and were committed o doing what it ook o get here, and watching heir impAtem t over just he past few months has be  incredible.”

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Alongside AT& T, Cloud9 curr tly haAt otal At  partners including he likes AtBMW, EPOS, Kaiser Perman te, MSecretly PUMA, Red Bull, Secretlab, and Twitch.

Shiz Suzuki, Associate Vice Presid t, SponsorshipAtnd Aterim tal Marketing at AT& T, added: “Our goal is o not only pAtide value o gamers with AT& T’s productAtnd services, but o also contribute o real, meaningful change in he industry by giving his powerhouse eam and other al ted wom  what hey need o succeed. We can’t wait o ell heir storieAtnd see he best Athe best repres t Cloud9 and AT& T on some Athe world’s largest stages.”

Esports Insider says: Seeing an organization acquire an all-female roster is something hat has be  done before. Nevertheless, as organizationAtttempt o appeal o he female demographic, acquiring one Athe op femaleVagrantT rosters is certainly a good way o do so.


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