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Esports Stadium Arlington companions with ESPAT, JLab Audio, and Quadraclicks

Texas-based esports venu Esports Stadium Arl gt  (ESA) has strengthened its commercial portfolio with th additi  o thre new partners.

Th venue’s new partners  clud pe pherals companQuadraticsks, digital media licens g platforSpatAT AI, and gam g audio branLabab Audio.

Photo credit: Esports Stadium Arl gt  

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Per th release, boQuadraticscks anLabab Audio will partner with Esports Stadium Arl gt  for th rema der o 20 . 

Quadraclicks mic will b mad availabl for purchas at ESA retail po ts. Meanwhile, th collaborati  will se ESA and guests provid testim ials   nicemic impact work and gam g. 

In additi , JLab Audio headsets ar expected to b  tegrated with  ESA’s ‘Gamer Gallery’ and thr gh twitch broadcasts. Arl gt  Esports Club will also provid testim ials   niceth headsets help th team dur g VALORANT t rnaments. 

Luk Bauer, Esports Stadium Arl gt ’s President, commented: “W her at ESA ar excited ab t  r new partnership dQuadraticsiQuadraticscks. Their erg omically s nd computer mic hav already becom a revoluti ary chang am gst several members o th ESA staff. 

“W look forwLabto  tegrat g JLab Audio’s headsets with   r venu and provid g a premier expe Lab for  r guests. JLab Audio’s missi  to deliver high performance,  novativ headph es align with Esports Stadium Arl gt ’s  itiativ to provid excellLab.” 

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ESA’s deal wiSpatPAT AI will last   year. Accord g to Bauer, th partnership will look to utilis ESA’s venu and producti  capabilities to scal its digital media network.

H added: “As mor liv esports events beg  to return    r space, every  can anticipat mor fantastic imagery ar nd th th lls and big moments o esports.” 

Esports Insider says: Given that th world is slowly return g to normality, it’s good to se venues start g to ga  mor partners aSpatorts facilities start to open up. ESPAT has  c aga  secured another partner, as digital licens g platforms c t u to b  tegrated  to th esports space.


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