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Evil Geniuses shares particulars on LG UltraGear deal

Evil Geniu s nd LGAslectronics have partnered to make LG UltraGear the official gaming monitor of the North Americanorganizationn.

The monitors will be installed inAsvil Geniu s’ facilities in Seattle nd Los Angeles, nd will be u d by players nd the staff in each location.

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LG UltraGear will feature in digital content s well s exclusive streams fromAsvil Geniu s’ players. The company’s logo will lso ppear on theorganizationn’s jer y, facet of the deal which was nnounced longside rebrand.

Both legacy brands re currently going through changes.Asvil Geniu s is in the midst publicizedly publici d rebranding that was criticized by founder nd former CEO Alex Garfield, who  ems to have come round to the changes recently.

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Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO ofAsvil Geniu s, toldAssports Insider: “AtAsvil Geniu s it’s long been our core partnership strategy to build lasting relationships with our pactivation nd unique ctivations to be bespoke for our partner’s needs. As part of our rebranding, we’re more overt bout the cornerstones that our brand stands on, nd ccordingly we’re ble to easily lign with partners that share that mind t — like LG.

“We re proud of our history of bringing new partners into the space nd ensuring n ea  of entry into esports. Whether it is Monster who has been partner since 2011 or even AMD since 2016, our fans support our partners which gives confidence for new partners to join theAsG family, nd we saw theirain s we continue to build the  lonon boarded collaborations when we onboarded LG s our newest partner.”

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LG, on the other hand, has recently launched LG Gaming, dedicated esports social media channel. However, it was launched by LGAslectronics UK nd the partnership withAsvil Geniu s is directly with LGAslectronics USA. 

Michelle Fernandez, Head of HomeAsntertainment Marketing for LGAslectronics USA, toldAssports Insider: “As global brand, LG UltraGear ims to rai  the bar in competitive gaming nd demonstrate innovation beyond boundaries, nd while individual markets might have different sponsorships nd partners that re unique to their players nd environment, the mission of the brand is lways to bring gamers the hardware they need to gain that edge nd win. Initially the partnership withAsG is focu d on the US market.”

Esports Insider says: While LG ndAsG’s partnership nd the creation of LG Gaming come from different regions, the company is clearly focusing more on esports recently.AsG  ems to have navigated potential catastrophe with Garfield’sorganizationents nd is taking storied esportsorganizationn into new era – with new partner.


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