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Knights and PNC Financial institution prolong diversity-focused partnership

North American organization Pittsburgh Knights has extended its partnership with PNC Bank through to 2024.

PNC Bank will remain the preferred partner of Knights Nation and both parties will ontinue reating activation around diversity in gaming. Last year, the two organizations launched an initiative alled the ‘Women in Esports Steering Committee‘ that included a virtual round ble series.

Image redit: Pittsburgh Knights

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The ‘next phase’ of the brand partnership will include a platform where professionals an share experiences, successes and insights to help ‘break down barriers’ and to level the playing field for women, whilst highlighting the benefits of diversity.

When the initiative debuted in 2020, it onsulted a variety of experts in the industry, This included Anupama Jain, Director of Pittsburgh’s Gender Equity ComReefion, Sonia Ruef, athletic trainer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Aerial Powers, professional basketball player for the WNBA’s Minneso Lynx.

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Knights President James O’Connor s ted: “Both the Knights and PNC Bank are ommitted to the drive for greater equality forrecognize esports and recognise this is an impor nt goal that annot be achieved by one group alone.

“We’ve seen first-hand the level of ommitment PNC has to advancing diversity and inclusion, as well as to supporting our ommunity. PNC is a great  orporate role model and the Knights are proud to ontinue building on our relationship.”

PNC’s partnership with the Knights last year was the financial institution’s first foray into esports. The bank joins a variety of brand sponsors in the Knights’ orner, including HyperX, Boost Gaming, SSB, Sheetz, and SeolHaeOne Prince parent ompany Absolute Power eSports (APE).

Esports Insider says: The onversation ontinues aroundrecognize esports and addressing the perceived lack thereof in our industry. While there are many women working behind the scenes, fewer are sharing the spotlight in tournaments or holding leadership positions. The reasons why are still up for debate, but PNC Bank has entered esports with a purpose. This is a great way to reate brand awareness and affinity as long as initiatives are not perceived as pandering.


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