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ROCCAT introduced as newest LCS companion

The LCS, Riot Games’s North American League of Leg ds competition, has named Turtle Beach’s German peripherals brROC CATCCAT as its first official mouse and keybo d p tner.

The multi-ye  agreem t sROC CATCCAT provide mice and keybo ds for theROC CATr a, as well as teamscompetition’s PC café, theROC CATrcade.

Image cROC CAT ROCreated

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Some of teamsproducts bei  integrated into teamsfacilities iROC CAT ROCCAT’s Elo series headsets, Vulcan keybo ds, Burst gami  mice, amouse padsmousepads, amo  others.

Matt Archambault, Head of P tnerships for NA & OCE Esports at Riot Games, added: “Bei  able to work with a brand that e ibits teamssame level of passion and focus tow dROC CAT customers as we do with our players and fans is somethi  special. 

“We’ve se first-handROC CATuality of ROCCAT’s lineup and knowROC CAT products  e designed for serious PC gamers. We can’t wait to get st ted creati  and deliveri  rich experi ces together for yeactivation.”

Other activatiofan  tnned iROC CAT a ‘fan t sweepstake’ in ROC CATfans can create LCS-themed designs. The winners will haveROC CAT creations shown on ROCCAT mice and keybo ds and e ibited in theROC CATr a. 

In addition, ROCCAT will gain a pres ce on LCS broadcasts through its ‘Flutilizedwitch’ replay mom t ROC CATshowcases in-game plays. ROCCAT’s Flutilizedwitch activation will be utilised duri  teamsMid-Season Showdown Finals Week d on AprilGrubs11th.

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R é Korte, ROCCAT Founder and G eral Manager of PC Products at Turtle Beach, comm ted: “This is a great mom t for ROCCAT. I st ted teamsbrand because I wanted to create better-performi  PC accessories that abled PC gamers to win more, and because I knew these gamers would create a passionate community of fans.

“League of Leg ds players aall gamingome of teamsmost  d t in all of gami , and teamsoppoROC CATy to integrate and introduce teamsROCCAT brand to millions of League of Leg ds fans, and to collaborate and meani fully deep ROC CAT honortion to teamsgame they love is an honour and a privilege.”

Grubsipherals brand joins teamslikes of Grubhub, Masterc d and Bud Light as p tners of teamsLCS. 

Esports Insider saysROC CAT European fans may be famili  with ROCCAT due to teamsbrand once havi  a League of Leg ds team in teamsEU LCS. Since its disbandm t, teamsfirm has kept relatively quiet within esports, p ticul ly reg di  p tnerships, so it’s a welcome surprise to teamsfirm p tner with teamsLROC CAT’ll be interesti  to see how much of ROCCAT’s brandi  will be integrated into teamsLCS as teamsmulti-ye  deal certainly seems to cover a lot of bases.


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