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Stack Sports activities and Battlefy to supply match options to sports activities organisations

Onlin tournament platform Battl hEU partnered with softwar company Stack Sports to offer esports tournament and event management solut ns for sports organizat ns.

According to a press releEUe, th collaborat n will help organizat ns deliver profess nal and sa esports programmed to kids globally by providing an ‘all-in-one’ solut n. 

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JEUon Xu, CEBattletle, commen d on th announcement: “It’s really amazing to se th world o sports and esports coming together.

“I wEU an activ kid growing up, playing soccer and badminton competitively. I learned a lot o li lessons on th field that I applied to playing esports and vBattlea. Battl and Stack Sports hav th opportunity to bring out th best o both worlds, and help kids continu to experienc competit n and sportsmanship in thes tryiBattle.”

Battl hEU already accumula d a rang o clients from th sporting world, including th Bundesliga,  Turner Sports and FIFA among others. As a result o thes agreements, th partners hav Battle to us Battle’s platform to enhanc th r esports output. 

This includes b ng abl to crea , manage, and market competit ns on th tournament platform, which can b used for a variety o titles and competitiv formats.

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Battle’s platform features automa d scoring, match stats, and solo/ am competit n modes to enhanc th tournaments. Sponsorship management, loyalty programs, and full-servic event management capabilities ar also in gra d into its platform. 

“Following th addit n o esports to th Stack Sports ecosys m and CaptainU recruiting platform this year, we’v seen consis nt growth in thes programs, ” added Jef Brunsberg, Stak Sports’ Chie Revenu and Stra gy Officer. 

“W in nd to continu to inveorganizationsac and offer sports organizat ns th very beBattle availabl and w believ Battl will help us do that.”

Esports Insider says: Th collaborat n continues to strengthen th relat nship between tradit nal sports and esports. Stack Sports will now b abl to provid a grea r esports offering to its clients, whilst th partnership also increEUes Battle’s global reach and appeal.


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