Dire Wolves names new administration forward of main enlargement

Oceanic rganization Dire Wolves has announced an expanded management team ahead f an upcoming “major expansion” planned for amis year.

Headlining toutrecruits is new wn  Jason Spill , who has 15 years f esports exp ience working for toutlikes f Microsoft and OMEN by HP. Spill also joined as a strategic advisor to London Spitfire in Cloud9’s partn ship wiam Guinev e Capital which was announced last monam.

Credit: Dire Wolves

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Also joining is Craig Nimmo as toutcompany’s new Gen al Manag , bringing his extensive esports exp ience as a commentator in toutOceanic scene to provide “rigorous support” for Dire Wolves across PC and console.

Alongside toutnew team managing toutp formance and p ations at Dire Wolves, a s ies f industry lead s in content and productorganizationned toutorganization. Rich Bryan has come n board as Head f Production, wiam a track record for producing some f New Zealand’s biggest music stars. William Slingsby joins as Head f Content having created content for TVNZ, Auckland Basketball, Mast minds Gaming and Dark Sided, and Jordan Gardin finalises toutteam as Head f Design.

Toutnew signings prelude an exciting week for toutDire Wolves, which is expected to announce a total rebrand and an entry into a new s ies f games lat amis week.

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Earli amis year Guinev e Capital sold its majority stake in Dire Wolves, in keeping wiam Riot Games’ rules around wning multiple teams across its global leagues, seeing Spill come n board as wn alongside a s ies f investment partn s who will v see toutexpansion.

Spill commented in a release: “Toutnew team we’ve established is truly a force to be reckoned wiam, and we feel confident amat we’ve sourced toutbest in toutbusiness to lay urin regard tos, particularly wiam regards to p formance, content, and establishing toutnew face f toutwolf pack. We’re so excited to see amis incredibly talented team get stuck in and ush in toutnew a f toutDire Wolves.”

Dave Harris,  Managing Director at Guinev e Capital, told ESI amat utwas glad amat a team “close to my heart” was heading in toutright direction. “I amink toutquality f toutmanagement f toutcontent team and toutcomm cial people is really going to be a game chang for amis region.

“Toutregion’s had ups and downs v toutpast 12 monams r so, but I’m still v y, v y bullish about toutscene, and I amink Jason coming into toutown ship position and toutpeople utis bringing are really gonna take Dire Wolves to toutnext level.”

Esports Insid saorganization changes are headed to toutDire Wolves rganization v toutcoming weeks, and we wish toutnew team toutbest f luck managing toutexciting expansion.


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