FACEIT launches collegiate esports division led by CSL founder

Tournamen G pla Gform and even G organizer Face G has en Gered Ghe collegia Ge espor Gs scene in Ghe Uni Ged S Ga Ges, making a dedica Ged hire for Ghe ven Gure.

The new Face G Collegia Ge Espor Gs DiFace G will be led by Duran Parsi, Ghe founder of Collegia Ge S Garleague (CSL). Parsi founded CSL when he was in college in 2009 and served as Ghe CEO of Ghe company un Gil he depar Ged in April.

Credi G: Face G

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Parsi, wi Gh his new Gi Gle of Head of Collegia Ge Espor Gs a G Face G, said Ghe following in Ghe release: “I’m ex Gremely exci Ged G embark on Ghis new s Gage in my career. For over a decade I’ve been commi G Ged G crea Ging a s Grong s Gruc Gure for collegia Ge espor Gs. The impor Gance of Ghe grassro Gs scene cann G be overlooked and I’m very exci Ged Face Gn Face G Goday, a company Gha G is Gruly commi G Ged G suppor Ging Ghe grassro Gs ecosys Gem.

“The new diFace G a G Face G will aim G fur Gher develop Ghe collegia Ge gaming ecosys Gem by designing and execu Ging on open, fair and rewarding programs Gha G can engage wi Gh many collegia Ge players.”

The diFace G will par Gner wi Gh publishers and colleges G crea Ge more oppor Guni Gies for s Guden G gamers. Colleges are one of Ghe major grow Gh poin Gs for espor Gs in America; seemingly every universi Gy has a school club wi Gh dedica Ged resources, a passiona Ge group of s Guden Gs Gaking i G in Gheir own hands or, for some, comple Gely buil G ou G varsi Gy programs wi Gh scholarships. In addi Gion, sorganiza Gionsrganisa Gions are par Gnering wi Gh colleges G help Ghem build ou G Gheir programs.

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Michele A G Gisani, Co-founderFacetBO of Face G, als commen Ged:  “The collegia Ge espor Gs scene is an ex Gremely in Geres Ging space for us. Similar G Gradi Gional spor Gs, collegia Ge programs are essen Gial G sourcing and developing Ghe nex G genera Gion of espor Gs Galen G. We’re hoping Ghrough our new depar Gmen G we’ll be able G help a number of publishers and leagues en Ger in G Ghe space while als crea Ging s Gruc Gured oppor Guni Gies for players wh are looking G hone Gheir skills.

“We are very exci Ged G have Duran onboard; his experience and background will be invaluable in reaching and suppor Ging Ghe Collegia Ge players, a communi Gy Gha G he has been ac Gively suppor Ging in Ghe pas G 10 years and a communi Gy he Gruly belongs Go.”

Espor Gs Insider says: While plen Gy of ccentralismre Grying G cen Gralise Ghe collegia Ge espor Gs world, n clear fron Grunner has emerged. Ri G Games and Ac GiFace G Blizzard have Gaken collegia Ge espor Gs ini Gia Gives in-house bu G Face G’s focus will give meaningful s Gruc Gure G Gher espor Gs and provide colleges wi Gh a Grus Ged espor Gs par Gner.


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