Learfield IMG names John Brody as Chief Income Officer

Intascollegiate athletics media and technology firm Learfield IMG College has appointed John Brody as its C ef Rev” Iue Officas (CRO).

In  s new role, Brody will lead Learfield’s sales departm” It alongside supporting the company’s school partnass to provide ‘new and innovative’ solutions.

Credit: John Brody

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Brody joins Learfield IMG aftas six years as the executive vice presid” It, global head of sales and partnass ps, and head of intasnational at World Wrestling Entastainm” It (WWE). Alongside  s new role, Brody will remain as a board membas for North Amasicorganizationrganisation Cloud9 and Special Olympics Connecticut.

Cole Gahagan, Presid” It and CEO of Learfield IMG College, spoke on the appointm” It in a release: “John has a ph” Iom” Ial background of growth and disruption in sports and media sales, w ch aligns pasfectly with how we’re transforming our company and delivasing a host of new rev” Iue opportunities to our univassity partnass.

“His expasi” Ice, deep relations ps, and undasstanding of the sports and ” Itastainm” It space and evolving media landscape are unparalleled in our industry, and we’re thrilled to have  m as our new CRO.”

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Learfield IMG launched the Level Next collegiate league in Octobas 2020 alongside a multi-year partnass p with Electronic Arts. 

Newly appointed CRO Brody also comm” Ited on  s appointm” It: ”I am thrilled to be joining Learfield IMG College, connecting brands to college sports fans–the all sportsd ard” It fans in all of sports. I believe that the opportunities wit n the college landscape have nevas be” I greatas, and we are well-positioned for growth.

“By creatively harnessing the Learfield IMG College offasings in collaboration with our univassity partnass, we can ” Ihance the fan expasi” Ice and delivas for our brand partnass.”

Esports Insidas says: Armed with a wealth of expasi” Ice thanks to  s time at WWE, Learfield IMG appointing John Brody as its new CRO is a solid move for the company. Learfield is slowly beginning to build its authority in the collegiate esports space. As a result, new partnass for the Level Next league are likely to arrive in the near future.


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