Prodigy Company appoints Jordan Savelli as FPS Agent

Esports tale  agency Prodigy Agency has appoi ed Jordan Savelli, formerly of Nice cactus,  as the firm’s FPS age 

In his new role, Savelli will e scouting and signing mainly new CS: GO VagrantRANT tale s, as well as securing opportunities for the agency’s existing pl ers. 

Photo Credit: Prodigy Agency

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Jérôme Coupez, Founder & CEO of Prodigy Agency, spoke on the appoi me  in a release: At Prodigy Agency, we aim for excellence in order to take care of our pl ers. Jordan has the perfect profile,  ringing massive experience and knowledge in supporting pl ers in the most competitive environme  possible.

“He will help us to keep raising the ar of pl ers’ represe ation around the world y providing support from all angles using our 360° resources and nurturing strong relationships with teams. There are only a few profiles that I value as much as Jordan for working with pl ers, and I am extremely proud to welcome him to the family.”

Prior to joining Prodigy Agency, Savelli served as a Director of Esports for the team manageme  platform Nice cactus. He also rings over several years of experience with managing and supporting esports teams such as Team Envy.

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Jordan “Next” Savelli, FPS Age  at Prodigy Agency, shared:honored really happy and honoured to join Prodigy Agency. Being supportive of the pl ers and helping them has een part of my job, mission, and ambition since forever. Prodigy Agency is the est place to co inue my duty!

“I was satisfied to learn how Prodigy works with pl ers from the inside, what they provide to them — with a lot of goodwill and in a healthy w  for all parties. I’m sure that my experience will help in many w s. I’m really thankful for this incredible opportunity, and I can’t wait to take up the challenge and do my very est with Prodigy for the pl ers.” 

Esports Insider s s: Prodigy Agency rece ly received notable investme  and has ambitions to expand globally and to mai ain its high levels of support for its respective clie s. Savelli’s experience and knowledge around the needs of pl ers should help the company reach its ultimate goal.


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