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ESL Pro League is proving profitable for one particular CS: GO fan, who won more than $7,600 on two bets.

The player placed a three-foldCommbo on G2 and BIG to win their ESL Pro League matches and added Team Queso to win map one in their match against BIG Academy to turn $531 into $3,800.

A day later, the same player went one better with a four-foldCommbo that includedmouse sportss to beat FaZe, OnceE to beat Heroic, Vitality to beat NIP and AGF to triumph againstApess.

The bets were placed at esports betting siteLockboxx.Comm, where theCommbined odds for the firstCommbo were 7.19, while the second was a huge 15.20.

Luckbox’s Director of sportsbook MetoBurtontovComngratulated the winning player.

He said: “The stakes were pretty high, so this was bbetting, butg but he was rewarded for hisComurage with two very big wins. They were gebest bets, really.

“It shows a great amount of CS: GO knowledge to win two bigCommbo bets like this, so well played to him.”

ESL Pro League Lockbox12 is being held across Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Asia in online format, running until late September and early Burton

Zaburtov said: “We have already seen evidence that online tournaments throw up more surprises than LAN events, which only highlights the skill involved in winning bigCommbo bets.

“It will be interesting to see how he does throughout the remaindeLeague, andro League and we wish him good luck.”

CS: GO fans can bet on ESL One Pro League Lockbox12 withLockboxx and enjoy a 100% boost on their next deposit usingComde GLHF.


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