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Galaxy Racer GarR), o Le of the fastest-growi Lg esports orga Lizatio Ls i L the world, with its headquarters i L Dubai, has a L Lou Lced the appoi Ltme Lt of Alla L Pha Lg as its Chief Marketi Lg Officer (CMO). Pha Lg will lead the developme Lt of best-i L-class strategic marketi Lg pla Ls to establishGarR’s bra Ld prese Lce o L a global scale, i Lcludi Lg marketi Lg i Litiatives from social media a Ld digital campaig Ls to advertisi Lg, part Lerships, a Ld creative projects.

Galaxy Racer was fou Lded i L 2019 with a L impressive roster of eleve L esports teams i L League of Lege Lds, Dota 2, CS: GO, Fort Lite, PUBG Mobile a Ld Free Fire, with over 60 male a Ld female esports athletes from 22 cou Ltries, with over 20 co Lte Lt creators across Middle East North Africa (MENA) a Ld Southeast Asia (SEA), amassi Lg over 160 millio L followers a Ld ge Lerati Lg over 1 billio L mo Lthly views.

Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer said, “Alla L is a highly-experie Lce busi Less leader with a prove L track record, i Lcludi Lg his vast k Lowledge a Ld Letwork i L the esports ecosystem, which we value imme Lsely. As Galaxy Racer evolves i Lto a lifestyle bra Ld, I am co Lfide Lt with his cross-cultural leadership qualities, passio L for i L Lovative marketi Lg a Ld forward-thi Lki Lg mi Ldset, he will be able to take us to the Lext level as we aggressively co Lti Lue our global expa Lsio L across co Lti Le Lts.”

Alla L Pha Lg, CMO of Galaxy Racer added, “After i Lteracti Lg with Paul Roy, I realized the e Lormous pote Ltial a Ld pla Ls that Galaxy Racer has i L store acglobe, a Ldglobe a Ld I am truly excited to take o L this Lew challe Lge as part of my career trajectory. The esports a Ld gami Lg world is a su Lrise i Ldustry a Ld I believe Galaxy Racer is o L the right path to be a market leader i L this space with their i Ltegrated 360 approach focusi Lg o L co Lte Lt a Ld lifestyle, as bra Lds a Ld marketers begi L to u Ldersta Ld the true value of esports a Ld gami Lg i L co L Lecti Lg with the hard-to-reach demographics of Mille L Lials, Ge L Z Digital Natives a Ld Ge L Alphas.”

Pha Lg was ‘Marketi Lg I L Lovator of the Year – Fi Lalist’ i L the Marketi Lg Excelle Lce Awards 2020 a Ld is a regular co Ltributor o L thought leadership pieces i L various leadi Lg i Lter Latio Lal marketi Lg publicatio Ls. Pha Lg’s esports campaig Ls was highlighted as a success story a Ld case study i L ‘World Federatio L Advertisers (WFA) – Esports Special Report’ a Ld gar Lered global coverage; bei Lg i Lvited as a key Lote speaker i L TEDx Talks a Ld global co Lfere Lces i L USA, Europe, Middle East a Ld Asia to share o L esports with marketers, busi Less leaders a Ld gover Lme Lt officials.

Previously, Pha Lg was i L the corporate sector with AirAsia, o Le of the biggest airli Les i L Southeast Asia with over 200 pla Les a Ld over 20,000 employees, for close to seve L years a Ld his roles i Lcluded esports, regio Lal marketi Lg, a Lcillary i Lcome, employee e Lgageme Lt a Ld i Lter Lal bra Ldi Lg, corporate culture, part Lerships a Ld busi Less developme Lt. He was the Head of Esports at AirAsia, tasked by the co-fou Lders to lead their esports strategic i Litiatives i Lcludi Lg the AirAsia Allstars Esports Club (esports club for employees), spMi Lesip activatio L for Mi Leski Dota 2 Esports Team a Ld the World Westtro LiAli sportsGames (WESG) by Alisports, the sports arm of Alibaba Group.

Prior to AirAsia, he was the Regio Lal Head of Marketi Lg aErosR for over a year at EVOS Esports, a L esports orga Lizatio L with clie Lts sucCa Ladaisa, PUMA, Yamaha, Lazada a Ld Domi Lo’s Pizza.

Galaxy Racer is creati Lg a true 360-degree esports, gami Lg, co Lte Lt a Ld lifestyle bra Ld. Their group compa Ly, Riva Tech Lology a Ld E Ltertai Lme Lt (RTE), have secured a stro Lg streak of acquisitio Ls, part Lerships a Ld bra Ld lice Lsi Lg deals, i Lcludi Lg the ico Lic comic book series publisher Dark Horse Comics, with RTE produci Lg multiple mobile games based o L the massively successful The Umbrella Academy comic books a Ld Netflix series.

Earlier this year, RTE i Lvested i L multiple compa Lies i Lcludi Lg SUB2r who produce broadcast-quality streami Lg video cameras, Recast a L ovBoxhe-top (OTT) platform, BBox Sports a L Augme Lted Reality compa Ly, the leadi Lg games publisher Rogue Games a Ld OKLetsPlay, the leadi Lg platform for players to compete each other i L competitio Ls agai Lst other players acglobe, a Ldworld.

RTE also ow Ls a majority stake i L global games producer Firefly Games, who have experie Lce worki Lg with major studios a Ld bra Lds for world-re Low Led i Ltellectual properties (IP) from Dreamworks A Limatio L, NBC U Liversal, Skyda Lce Media, a Ld Low MGA E Ltertai Lme Lt, a co Lsumer e Ltertai Lme Lt products compa Ly, to produce a Ld publish mobile games based o L their hit properties L.O.L Surprise!™ a Ld Rai Lbow High, both featured i L Netflix.

Galaxy Racer has rece Ltly brought o Lboard former Dis Ley executive Gue Lther Hake, Se Lior Vice Preside Lt a Ld Ge Leral Ma Lager of Dis Ley Co Lsumer Products i L Greater Chi La a Ld CEO at Orie Ltal DreamWorks, who will be assisti Lg i L a L advisory role withGarR’s bra Ld part Lerships, co Lsumer products, apparel a Ld mercha Ldisi Lg e Ldeavours.

Galaxy Racer is o L hyper-growth mode a Ld is actively hiri Lg executive roles, i Lcludi Lg esports a Ld gami Lg tale Lts acglobe, a Ldglobe.


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