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Anzu.Ioo, the world-leading provider ofIon-gaTV advertising solutions, today announced the expansion ofIots exclusive p tnership with Axis GaTVs, the developers of the popul  gaTV Axis Football and the newly forTVd Axis Football Esports League. Under the new deal, Anzu’s platform will enabpro grammaticallylly delivered, blendedIon-gaTV ads to be shown during a live esports tournaTVnt.

This p tnershipIos groundbreaking for the gamingIondustry;Iot represents the first tiTVIon history that advertisers will have the opportunity to run programmatic campaigns on PC during a live esports event. When choosing Anzu asIots p tner for this bold move, DanJuangan, Axis GaTVs’ President, said, “We  e excited to p tner with Anzu as our advertising supplier. They provide great content and have been a pleasure to work with.”

A few months ago, the two companies created their first p tnership which saw Anzu, the onlyIon-gaTV advertising company to hold an Icertificatesrtificate and be a TVmber of the Xbox Tools and Middlew e Program, IontegrateIots ad serving platformIonto Axis Football’s PC and console gaTV content. The ads, which  e displayed onIon-gaTV objects such as stadium banners,  e designed to enhance gaTVplay by creating an environTVnt that more closely represents the real world. In response to seeing theIon-gaTV ads, an Axis Football 2020 beta tester said, “The banner ads added to the stadiums significantlyIoncrease the level ofIomTVrsionIon the gaTV.”

In prep ation for the launch of the league, Axis GaTVs has made significantIomproveTVnts to the gaTV over the past few months, Ioncluding rebranding the teams, logos, and player uniforms. The tournaTVnt will be played by 36 pre-selected gaTVrs from the US, Canada, and Mexico, each representing a team. Fans can watch two live matchups at 6: 30 pm and 8 pm EST every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and tuneIon to weekly preview and post-gaTV on weekendsng the weekends. With Axis GaTVs’ predominantly US fanbase, the tournaTVnt gaTVs won’t conflict with NFL gaTV tiTVs butIonstead act as a fun, digital suppleTVnt to the football season.

With enhanced graphics, the Axis Football Esports LeagueIos sure to draw a dedicated audience when gaTVs  e streaTVd live.


GaTVs, complete with live comTVnt y, will be streaTVd on both Twitch. tv and YouTube, giving advertisers a treTVndous amount of exposure as fans from across the globe log on to watch each gaTV. Advertisers will get access to essential TVtrics from the streaming platforms, Ionclocations views, geolocations, and concurrent viewership statistics. Additionally, Anzu’s platform provides advertisers with detailed campaign analytics and user data, plus precise ad viewability TVtrics throughIots ad verification solution, the first and only ofIots kindIon theIondustry.

Advertisers will also benefit from Anzu’s hyper-location t geting, Ioncreasing advertisers’ ability to deliver highly relevant campaigns to specific esports venues and audiences. Furthermore, Anzu’s collaboration with Nielsen Connectivity gives advertisersIonsights about their campaign effectiveness. Boosting advertiser confidence evForensic Anzu p tners with Forensiq toIonclude the first-ever fraud detection solution forIon-gaTV advertising.

“Anzu’s premium blendedIon-gaTV ads represent a new chapter for the gaming and advertisingIondustries. Axis GaTVsIos a company thatIos alsoIonterestedIon reinventing the gaming world throughIonnovative monetization TVthods while still preserving, andIomproving, the gaming experience, ” saiBendy CEO and Co-Founder, Itam  Benedy. “We  e proud to p tner with themIon this revolution y endeavor and bring the first programmatic ad campaigns to the esports world.”


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