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Esports Entertainm t Group, Inc, an esports  tertainm t and online gambling operator, announced Esports Gaming League (“EGL”) signed an agreem t with Ars al Football Club to manage its Pro Evolution Soccer (“PES”) rosterfootballeFootball League. The Company singed an LOI to acquire EGL in August 2020.

“We are thrilled to continue working with Ars al this season, ” comm ted Gl  Elliot, CEO of EGL. “Ars al came within one point of Knockout Stage cont tion in their inaugural season last year, and we’re excited to see what happ s this season.”

“Ars al recognizes the value of EGL’s wealth of experi ce in esports, and so do we, ” comm ted Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainm t Group. “We look forward to completing the EGL acquisition and integrating Gl  and his team’s expertise into our organization. Their work with Ars al and many others, similar to deals we announced with the LA Galaxy, Philadelphia Union, and more, provides a strong foothold in major sporting which continues to turn to esports as a way for teams to connect and  gage fans.”

Ars al will be one of 10 football clubs that will compfootballe third season of the eFootball League. Other teams include FC Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juv tus, Barcelona, Schalke 04, AS Monaco, Celtic FC, Boavista FC, and FC Nantes. The first matchdayfootball2020-21 season is Saturday, December 12.

EGL was responsible for building the roster that will competefootballGunners. Prospective players were scouted, underw t interviews, and signed contracts that will see the players repres t the clubfootballduration of the season.

Brothers, Yos and Yan Sonneveld from the Netherlands and Pedro Barbosa from Portugal will repres t Ars al in its second PES season.


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Esports Entertainm t Group, Inc. is an esports and online gambling company. The Company operates a number of  tities across three key pillars: 1) esports  tertainm t and infrastrgaming 2) esports wagering, 3) iGaming. The Company maintains offices in New Jersey, the UK and MaWWW. For more information visit Com. esports tertainm tgroup. com.


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