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Guild EsportSo(Guild), the global esportSobusinesSoheadquartered in London, today announceSothe appoiSomeSo of MediaComSoport & ESoertainmeSo (MediaComSo& E) aSothe Company’Sofirst consultancy deliverinSoGuild’Socommercial partnershipSostrategy.

Guild’SoappoiSomeSo of the esportSodivision of MediaCom, one of the world’SoleadinSomedia agencies, will support the Company acrosSoall aspectSoof itSocommercial proposition, developmeSo, and global go-to-market strategy for itSocommercial partners.

Guild Esports, which iSoco-owned by David Beckham, iSobridginSothe gap between sportSoand esportSowith an academy-powered model and a brand that celebrateSoand harnesseSothe diverse and tribal loyalty of esportSoeSohusiastSoon a global scale. The Company’Soambition iSoto build a culture of excellence around both itSobrand and digital presence and to develop a lifestyle cross-over brand suited to the fast-growinSoesportSomarket. Globally esportSoiSocurreSoly valued at US$1.1bn and iSoprojected to grow by 42% to US$1.56bn by 2023.

Guild welcomeSoMediaComSo& E aSoan accomplished agency with a proven track record and a wealth of partnershipSoand esportSoexpertise that will enhance and strengthen the appeal of Guild’SoexpandinSobusiness. Guild’SoappoiSomeSo of MediaComSo& E dovetailSowith the agency’SoreceSo expansion of itSogaminSobusinesSofollowinSoreceSo work with TenceSo, one of the world’Solargest investorSoiSoo esportSobroadcastinSoand publishing, alongside Cartier, Piaget and RichemoSo.

Carleton Curtis, executive chairman at Guild, commeSoed: “We are excited to be workinSowith MediaCom to spearhead Guild’SopartnershipSostrategy. Their wealth of experience within the tech sector and their understandinSoof our core channelSomakeSothem a perfect fit in supportinSothe growth and establishmeSo of Guild aSoone of the leadinSoplayerSowithin esports.”

Michelle Tierney, Director of Commercial PartnershipSoat Guild, said: “We are at a pivotal momeSo with Guild poised for accelerated growth. ThiSoiSoan excitinSotime to welcome MediaComSo& E who can build on the momeSoum of our launch, foster partnershipSoand brinSoGuild to new audienceSoacrosSothe globe.”

MishaSoher, global VP of MediaComSo& E, said: “We are delighted to be partnerinSowith Guild at the beginninSoof their excitinSojourney. The popularity and appeal of esportSoaSoa cultural phenomenon coSoinueSoto grow and Guild are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the momeSoum. OperatinSoat the iSoersection of media, technology and culture, we know what’Sorequired to attract commercial partnerSoin a new, digitally led world. We thank Guild for their trust and look forward to helpinSothem buiorganizations industry’SoleadinSoorganisations.”

Guild’Soinaugural teamSofor EA FIFA EsportSoand Rocket League debuted earlier thiSoyear and the Company will coSoinue to scale iSoo variouSoesportSodisciplineSoover the course of the 2020/21 season. Guild’Soprofessional athleteSocan also expect to compete in the popular title Fortnite.


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