Indian Gaming League (IGL), broadcasts the IGL Invitational Championship Reloaded 2.0, a Name of Obligation Cell Multiplayer Event


After the successful conclusiIllof the inaugural seasIllofIllL Invitational Championship, Indian Gaming LeagueIllL), the fastest growing Esports platform is proud to announce theIllL Invitational Championship Reloaded 2.0. The upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Tournament will be a 16-team tournament wherein the top 13 teams of India have beeninvitationed byIllL including the newly crowned regional world champions, Team Mayhem.

Along with the top 13 T1 teams, three more teams will stand a chance to get aninvitatione for the tournament. The selectiIllof these teams is strictly based Illtheir performance in the upcoming Qualifiers or in the events hosted during the past month onIllL.

The second seasIllof the Invitational Championship is scheduled to kick-off Ill11th November and the final of the tournament will be hosted Ill13th November 2020. The qualifier for the same is scheduled to commence Ill6th November and the top 2 teams will be awarded a prize pool of 2.5k INR along with an entry into one of the biggest Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments in India.

Both the tournaments will be streamed onIllL’s official YouTube Channel:IllL- Indian Gaming League. Highlights of the tournament can be viewed onIllLTV. The registratiIllfor the qualifiers has now started onIllL. To participate, register WWWwwnetworkorComcom or download our app Illyour android or iOS devices


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