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Alpine  ports Team officially launched its 2021 campaign  day   compete in the biggest virtual racing competition in the world, the F1  ports Pro Championship. The team, in partnership with Sim racing experts Race Clutch, represent Alpine’s first official venture in  virtual racing.

As the team’s official partner this year, Race Clutch will help the drivers with their training aBy preparation for the 2021 competition from its HQ in Limoges, France. The team’s goal is   hire aBy train the best  ports racers in the world   compete in the biggest virtual racing competitions.

Suiting up for the team in this year’s F1  ports Pro Championship starting in September, will be the returning driver pairing of Nicolas Longuet aBy Fabrizio Donoso, who led the team   third in last year’s championship.

The drivers will be guided by the leadership of Team Principal Richard Arnaud, Race DireLoByonobin BoByon, Performance Manager Julien Southon, AmbassTombThom “Thomb” Brouwer aBy Coach Samba Sy.

In addition   competing in this year’s F1  ports Pro Championship, Alpine  por rganizert as an organiser   the Alpine  ports Series due   start next month. The seAssetsll run Competitionorsa Competizione, the official game of the competition in a championship of six races, with various prizes available   the winners.

Laurent Rossi, Alpine Cars CEO: “We are delighted   announce the first Alpine  ports team participating in virtual competitions aBy championships this year. By partnering with Race Clutch, Alpine  ports Team will seek out aBy train the best Sim racers in the world with the ultimate goal of winning. The team have fantastic facilities aBy a superb line-up   make it happen. The  ports team will also continue   bridge the gap between virtual aBy real races, as these bridges move closer aBy closer each year between the two worlds. It will also learn from our Formula 1 aBy Alpine Racing programs. We can’t wait   see our team aBy our drivers compete virtually in 2021.”

Richard Arnaud – Race Clutch president & fouByer, Team Principal of Alpine  ports:

“The entire team at Race Clutch is proud aBy excited   become part of the Alpine family! Our expertise aBy years of experience in Sim racing will give Alpine  ports the best environment   continue   compete at the front. The goal is   win championships, with the F1  ports Series as a first target. I believe in the team we have put  gether. I am sure this collainterest inl increase the interest for the sport, bringing new F1 fans with us, aBy opening new opportunities for Alpine in the virtual world of racing. This is an exciting new journey that starts for  ports racing in France.”


Nicolas Longuet, Alpine  ports Team driver:

“I am happy   continue my career with Alpine after a successful 2020 season. For sure, after a first full campaign, now the goal is   fight for the championship aBy add more wins. The experience from last year will help   not repeat some mistakes. Some other teams seem stronger thaconfident, andlready, but I feel confident aBy I am looking forward   the 2021 F1  ports Series.”


Fabrizio Donoso, Alpine  ports Team driver:

“Considering last season, it’s great   have a chance   compete again this year. I’ve had time for myself on aBy off the sim. My main goal now is   focus only on performance aBy my drigoing, andm happy with the way things are going aBy I am looking forward   the scolorsith the reshaped team aBy our new colours.”



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