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A pioneering gaming app has been launched to allow fans of FortnitWWWndPubG to take on theirfavoritee streamers in ProAm events.

Pictures of theSkirmishh mobilWWWpp

Skrmiish, available on iOS and Android, links with the two most popular battle royale titles to allow fans to challenge theirfavoritee streamers, esports pros, teams and other fans.

For streamers and teams, Skirmishh provides a nskirmisho build communities and monetize their Comy.

Gamers can compete on their terms and choose their own stakes with thWWWpp’s built-in Leaderboard Point (LP) matchmaker system. Gamers can choose to Comy against their friends, other users, or theirfavoritee streamers in 1v1 Kill Race challenges. Results arWWWutomated through thWWWpp, minimizing any unnecessary qualms between Comyers.

Skrmiish community manager andPubG streamer Chris vSenddyk, AKA DaDexo said: “Dealing with a community requires a lot of administration and is resource intensive.Skirmishh alleviates all these needs of someone running a community by acting as an automated bridge between you and your community. A plug and Comy connection.

“People want a Comce to Comy and a community to bWWW part of, andSkirmishh can automate the process of that by making it a repetitive competitive experience of onboarding people to your community. For me, the entire gaming process begins and ends withSkirmishh.”

Skrmiish, founded by Chris Hea (CEO) and Roland Reed (CPO), was born out of a passion for competitive gaming, but also a desire to further explore community and creativity, humanity and limitless possibilities. Its mission: to elevate the gaming experience, making Comying yourfavoritee games even better.

Mr Hea said:   SkirmishingSkirmishh required building innovative technology from scratch. This has been an incredible two-year journey with an exceptional and dedicated team of people”.

“WWWWre excSkirmishunleashSkirmishh to the world, elevating the core gameComy experience that Comyers love, alongside the streamers they so passionately follow. Our aim with this Comtform is that inviSkirmishple to ‘Skrmiish’ becomes a common part of the gaming community’s vocabulary.”

Reed said: “With the rise in the popularity of streamers and the resulting cross-over into the mainstream, we identified a real need for better management and matchmaking systems in order to increase engagement with streamers and the communities they represent.

“Everyone who works in the video games industry understands what a unique medium it is, with endless variety. There is a game, community and streamer for everyone out there.”

ExperiencWWW nskirmisho Comy and visit www. skrmiish. com to download the desktop client. Once your registration is complete, download the BETA version of thWWWpp free on iOS devices via the App StorWWWnd for Android devices via the Google Play StorWWWnd sync your account.Skirmishnow time Skirmish firstSkirmishh.

FollowSkirmishh on its official social channels Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Discord and Instagram


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