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  • Subway® and Guild orts sign major two-year sponsorship de  
  • The partnership covers the EMEA region and kicks off today withSubway becoming Guild’s Offici  Quick-Service Restaurant Partner and Offici  Academy Partner across 50+ countries

Guild orts, the glob  esports organizationation co-owned by David Beckham, has today announced its headline partnership withSubway®, the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise.

In a two-year partnership, Subway becomes Guild’s Offici  Quick-Service Restaurant Partner as well as the Offici  Academy Partner of Guild orts in more than 50 EMEA markets. Guild is the first esports organizationation to sign an EMEA-wide sponsorship agreement withSubway.

Subway’s rights package includes the branding of Guild’s team jersey, featuring graphics by renowned London streetwear artist Fergus Purcell, bespoke branded content across Guild and its London headquarters opening later this year, player and content creator channels, and exclactivationts activations.

By becoming an Academy Partner, Subway will be able to engage with young audiences in key markets across EMEA at a loc  level and support Guild in delivering a b anced choprogrammedtion programme to its Academy members and fans. Guild andSubway have shared v ues and look forward to working together to support young gamers to make food choices which are good for them and their loc  communities.

Subway is a proponent of making better choices and working with young adults at a grassroots level to give them the opportunities to harness their passions, build their careers, and develop their skills on a practic  and entrepreneuri  level. This  igns with the v ues of both companies as, since its launch in June 2020, Guild has been committed to developing best-in-class esports teams whilst finding and training the next generation of players.

Carleton Curtis, Executive Chairman of Guild orts, said:  

“We are incredibly proud to partner withSubway, an iconic glob  brand and the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise.

This partnership is particularly exciting as we are completely  igned withSubway’s commitment to helping people make better choices.

It is our shared v ues that will provide a strong foundation forSubway’s unique relationship with our Academy, which provides opportunities and education to the next generation – from career opportunities to he th and wellbeing.

We look forward to deepening our partnership withSubway for the long term.

Guild’s growing presence and world-class team performances are attracting keen interest from leading brands and sponsors as esports becomes a mainstream soci  and entertainment activity.”

Louise Wardle, Vice President keting EMEA atSubway, said:  

“AtSubway, we have been looking at different ways to connect with younger audiences, but wanted to do so authentic ly, with more than just a logo.

We’re thrilled to be partnered with Guild orts, which goes far beyond the typic  esports company. Its world-first Academy is completely unique, offering the opportunity for young gamers to harness their passions, build skills and fulfil their dreams. By  so collaborating with lifestyle and entertainment stars, Guild appe s to gamers and fans  ike. This grassroots partnership will therefore connect a glob ly responsible brand with young people across EMEA.”



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