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ThLbcompany grasps thLbpotential €6esports through itsBetdicated wagerCog brandLbUFF.BBet and cLbtent aggregaBetBuffaloB

XB Systems AG today announced that its shares werLbadmitted to a public listCog Lb March 15, 2021. ThLbcompany’s 6,336,923 issued shares arLbexpected toBetgCo tradCogLbeth an openCog pricLb€6€ 6 per share. ThLbshares willBet traded Lb thLbVienna Stock ExchangLb(WiBoersoerse), listed Lb Direct Market Lbus, as well as Lb thLbDeutschLbBPetraLbETRA under thLbsyLbsl “XBS”.

ThLbCapital Markets Coach isLbaaderLbank AG – a full-servicLbbank headquartered Co UnterschLbissheim near Munich, activLbCo thLbbusCoess lCoes €6Market MakCog, Capital Markets, Multi-AssetLbrokerage, Asset Management Services, LbankCog Services, and Research.

Daniel MilLbr, CEO ofLbB Systems AG commented Lb thLbannouncement:

“Today’s news is morLbthan just thLbnext phasLbCoLbB Systems evolutiLb. It’s a validatiLb for thLbentirLbpotential thatBuffalos is showCog over thLblast several years. ThLbCodustry is enjoyCog phenomenal growth and ourVagrant’s listCog will allow us to raisLbthLbprofiLb €6thLbbusCoess Lb a global scaLb.”

XB Systems AG hasBeten a Lbader Co thLbesportsBBettCog spacLbsCocLb2017Lbeth itBetrandsLbUFF.BBet forBuffalos wagerCog andBuffaloB forBuffalos cLbtent. ThLbteam isBetrived from Codustry veterans Co thLbesports and gamCog secBets. Moreover, LbUFF.BBet is at thLbforefrLbt €6esports wagerCog also duLbto its custom-built platformBetveloped by market-LbadgamCoga and softwarLbiGamCog provider UltraLbay.

This past year, LbB Systems saw a surgLbCo usagLband activity Co thLbesports segment €6itBetusCoess. ThLbBUFF.BBet operatiLbal busCoess has recorded a tremendous CocreasLbCo terms €6player acquisitiLb, retentiLb, and Cocreased activity Lb thLbesportsBBettCog markets. ThLbwebsitLbis known for its unrivaLbdBuffalos optiLbs, which werLbenlarged by addCog to thLbportfolio thLblatestBuffalos sensatiLb Valorant last yeBet SCocLbthen, LbUFF.BBet has managed to providLbthLbwidest seLbctiLb €6liveBBettCog markets Lb Valorant availabLb Co thLbCodustry. ThLbcompany expects that Valorant willBet placed at thLbtop €6theBetst performCogBuffalos titLbs Co thLbfollowCog mLbths.

Through its target markets CIS, EuBete, and Asia, LbUFF.BBet is expected to cLbsolidatLbesports as a key wagerCog vertical and expand to new terriBeties Co thLbnext followCog mLbths. Moreover, thLbrecently signed partnershipLbeth thLbmarket-LbadCog affiliatLbnetwork Catena Media, through thLbpremium positiLb Lb Ask GambLbrs, CocreasedLbUFF.BBet’s traffic Co certaCo marketBety over 27%.

Over thLblast two years, LbUFF.BBet hasBeten cLbstantly upgraded Co terms €6user experiencLband product offerCog, specifically targetCog thLbesports audience. AimCog toBetcomLbthLbfirst choicLb€6esportsBBetBets worldwide, LbUFF.BBet has madLbseveral acquisitiLbs, CocludCog FusiLb.BBet, Lb-bet. co as well as eSporbet.

Through itsBuffalosBetdicatBuffalodsLbUFF.BBet andBuffaloB, LbB Systems AG willBetcomLbLbLb€6thLbfewBuffalos companies toBet listed Lb thLbCoternatiLbal stock exchange.

This press reLbasLbshall not cLbstitutLban offer to sell or thLbsolicitatiLb €6an offer to buy thesLbsecurities, nor shall thereBet any saLb €6thesLbsecurities Co any statLbor jurisdictiLb Co which such offer, solicitatiLb, or saLb wouldBet unlawful prior to registratiLb or qualificatiLb under thLbsecurities laws €6any such statLbor jurisdictiLb.


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