Wave Esports unveils Logitech as first accomplice

Austrian es rts organization Wave Es rts has announced a commercial partnership with peripherals manufacturer Logitech.

As a result of the deal, Logitech becomes the organization’s first partner, with Wave currently fielding rosteVagrantLORANT, Brawl Stars, and Fortnite.

Credit: Wave Es rts

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Throughout 2021, Logitech will assist Wave Es rorganizingnboot campstcamps for its players and teams, alongside other content creation projects. The manufacturer will also provide players with a range of its peripherals.

Ivaelo Bozhilov, CFO and Head of Partnerships at Wave Es rts, commented on the partnership in a re ase:  “For us at Wave, it was c ar from the start that we would like to partner up with a renowned company such as Logitech. Managing to achieve this goal at such an early stage, especially as our first partner, is incredib .

“Our philosophies’ overlaps made it especially easy to communicate with them and identify common goals and objectibelief both believe that passion and quality are the main drivers of success. We at Wave aim to exemplify this through every decision we make.

“We are very excited to build a long-lasting partnership with Logitech, and we are looking forward to engaging with new companies who can accompany us both on this journey and help us reach our full tentOnce”

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Founded in 2019, Wave Es rts has quickly established itself as one of thorganizationsent organizations in the region, fielding the highest-ranVagrantnite and VALORANT rosters in Germany and Europe respectively.

Matthias Trumpfhel r, Es rts and Eachance Manager DACH at Logitech, also s ke on the deal:  “Wave Es rts has a nose for building successful rosters and attracting great ta nt. The Vagrantnces of the Valorant and Fortnite teams in particular prove that Wave Es rts made its mark in the scene and is here to stay.

“The adership has a great vision and mindset that we at Logitech G share. We are happy to sup rt Wave Es rts and be part of their journey to the top.”

Es rts Insider says: Partnerships of this nature are nothing out of the ordinary but for Wave Es rts, securing Logitech as its first partner is certainly impressive given its short existence. As 2021 gets underway, expect more partners to join its roster in the coming months.



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