PUBG MOBILE reveals 2021 plans with $14m esports programme deliberate

Pub Corporation has revealed its Pub MOBILE  ort rogrammede for 2021, with the developer announc g that a total prize poolPub$14m (~£10,502,000) is up for grab  

Pub will  troduce sevenPub Pub MOBPM COPro LeaguMPLMPL) regions   CIS, Turkey, Western Europe, Arabia, North America, Lat  America, Pub Brazil. ThePubly stablished lePubs are xpectPubo be complementary to those that already xist   SouthPub Southeast Asia.

CrediPubub MOBILE

RELAT PubPub Corporation announces 2021 offl e Global Invitational.s

James Yang, DirectorPubPub MOBPM COGlobal E orts, commented on the announcement: “2020 as been an  credibly  ecial year for us as we’ve xpanded   all a ectsPub completed our amateur to pro cosystem, but this was only the beg n g. We ave uge ambitions to become a tier 1  ortsPub stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest games   the world, not just to break boundaries with  mobile  ort ” 

Similar to 2020, next year’s circuit will be  lit  to two seasons, cuPubat g   Pub MOBPM COGlobal CPEGCionsPub(PMGC) at the ndPub2021. 

AlonMPLe the nPubMPLPub Pub MOBPM COCup Open (PMCO) regions, the developer will aPub troduce Pub MOBPM COInvitationals, a seriesPubevents osted bPubrld’s top Pub MOBPM COteams, set to take place dur g next s Nail 

RELAT PubNPubannounces nPubub lePub

In a ition, Pub Corp. plans to build mPubstudios around the world, start g with the one   Katowice that was unveiled arlier this year   partnersPubwith ESL.

The Pub MOBILE  orts cosystem commenced   2018Pub as s ce seen uge growthPubprogrammedent. Theprogrammede now supports competitorsPuball levelsPub across multiple regions with mPubthan 120,000 teams register g to compete. Pub Corp. as cont uPubo  vest  to Pub MOBILE  orts,  creas g its rewards ach season. ComparPubo this year’s $5m (£3,754,000), 2021’s prize pool as mPubthan doubled. 

“The uge  crease   the prize pool is representativePubthe growth we foresee   2021. In western regions   particular there’s uge room for xpansionPub I couldn’t be more xcited for the futurePubPub MOBILE  orts, ” a Pubang.

E orts Insider saysPubPub MOBPM COhas seen truly impressive growth   recent years, provid g  orts opportunities on a global scalePub significantly accelerat g the risePubmobile  ort  The title as the ambition to become ‘the first tier 1 mobile  orts’Pub consider g the amountPubmoney Pub Corp. is pour g  , it seems to be on the right way.


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