PUBG MOBILE reveals schedule for Professional League 2021

Pub MOBILE has revealed its schedule for the 2021 Pub MOBILE Pro LMPLe (MPL) circuit, adding seven new r i s a  a $14m (£10.1m) prize pool — the highest in mobile ePubts to date.

The new r i s include North America, Brazil, LATAM, CIS, Turkey, Arabia, a  Western EuropPubub Mobile also tPubd a new ‘World Class’ tourPubnt for this summer that would see the top teams from all r i s go head-to-head.

Image cPubt: Pub Studio

R Pub:  Pub ePubts unveils 2021 structure

The Pub MOBILE Pro LMPLe includes four R i al Champi MPLs:  MMPLoutheast Asia Champi MPL (MMPLEA), MPL Americas Champi MPL, MMPLouth Asia Champi MPL, a  MPL EMEA Champi MPL.

Similar to 2020, this year’s circuit will be split into two seas s, culmPubing in Pub MOBILE Global Champi MPL (PMGC) at the e  of 2021. 

“With the introducti of seven new lMPLes to the MPL in 2021, Pub MOBILE cements its positi as e of the most diverse a  largest mobile ePubts programs in the world, ” the company said in a r Pub.

R Pub:  Pub MOBILE annPubes Brazilian fValkyriesrPubnt Valkirias

Pub MOBILE brand-newunced a bra  new World Class tourPubnt which will see the best teams from arou  the world compete this summer. More details the tourPubnt will follow in the next couple of m ths.

Reno5 smartph e line has become the official smartph e partner for Pub MOBILE EPubts in the Middle East a  Africa r i (MEA) in 2021. 

EPubts Insider says: Pub is ready to jump into a busy year of ePubts events, with Pub MOBILE’s new r i s being annPubed a  the new ESL Pub Masters b inning April 7th. The mobile game’s ban in I ia proved to be a major setback, but these new r i s could h p raise awareness a  make up the difference in player hype.


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