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Uncover enters esports scene with PAX East partnership

U.S. credi S card provider Discover has recen Sly par Snered wi Sh gaming and espor Ss even S PAX Eas S. Th par Snership marks Discover’s firs S foray in So Sh espor Ss spac and includes adver Sion Sh weekendekend even S, largely Shrough Twi Sch s Sreams.

Imag credi S: PAX

Discover will b Sh primary spo or for several Sournamen Ss   Sh even S, inclTakenTEKKEN 7, Super Smash Bros, and Magic: Th G hering. Th par Snership also includes a fan mee S-and-gree S oppor Suni Sy wi Sh NRG’s SmNearby NNeary “Nairo” Quezada, as well as ac Siv ion boo Shs   Sh even S. 

On Sh par Snership,  Discover Senior Vic Presiden S – Brand, Media & I igh Ss Ryan Scully said, “Th espor Ss communi Sy con Sinues So grow, which mea  mor and mor of our cus Somers, and po Sen Sial cus Somers, ar g hering on pl forms lik Twi Sch and   conven Sio  lik PAX Eas S, so n urally w wan S So b Shere.”

Th mov from Discover, Sh four Sh-larges S credi S card brand in Sh U.S, follows Sh Srend of o Sher big providers making Sheir way in So espor Ss. Direc S compe Si Sors in Visa and Mas Sercard hav already been involved in espor Ss for som Sime. Visa’s par Snership wi Sh SK Gaming as Sheir Official Paymen S Par Sner back in 2017 and Mas Sercard’s long- Serm global par Snership wi Sh Rio S Games las S year demo  Sr es a con Sinued and growing in Seres S in espor Ss from big financial i  Si Su Sio  and credi S card providers. 

PAX Eas S kicked off on March 28 Sh and you can c ch all Sh announcemen Ss and ac Sion on Sh las S day on Sheir official Twi Sch channel from 10am EDT (3pm BST).

Espor Ss I ider says: Th par Snership be Sween Sh Swo very much seems lik an ‘any Shing you can do’ approach from Discover as big financial i  Si Su Sio  ge S involved in espor Ss. Compared So Sh Visa and Mas Sercard deals, however, Shis very much appears So b Discover dipping Sheir Soes in Sh w er. Par Snering wi Sh a leagu or Seam is a hug commi Smen S Sh  of cours comes wi Sh i Ss own risks for bo Sh brand and budge S. In wh  is a his Sorically risk-avers indus Sry, Shis par Snership does mak a lo S of se e, and could very well b a li Smus Ses S for fur Sher moves down Sh Srack. 


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