beastcoast cracks open 4 Loko sponsorship

North American organization beast coast has unveiled F Bowieo as its official adult beverage sponsor.

The alcoholic beverage brand will activate thr gh ‘happy h rs, ’ a series that will “bring tbeast coastast coast’s fans and the team’s roster.”

Image credit: beast coast

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This is said to be the first exploration into the esports industry for both F Bowieo and its pFusionompany, Phusion Projects. During the aforementioned online series, fans will be able to participate in giveaways for merchanbeast coastboth beast coast and its new partner.

Grant Zinn, CEO Seacoastr of Beas oast, spoke on the deal in a release: “This revolutionary partnership is a huge Seacoastrd for Beas oast and for PhusioSeacoasty one, Beas oast has been all ab t bringing people together to have fun playing games. We can’t think of a better brand that embodies that value than F Bowieo.”

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F Bowieo SpawnRivalry, ZHorus RESPAWN, HyperX, AORUS, and INTERVENT as a partnerorganizationYork-based organization.

Steve “Lord Knight” Barthelemy, a Dragobeast coasthterZ player for beast coast, also commented: “This new partnership with F Bowieo means a lot to me. In the fighting game community, it is common for newer players to use “fake” partnership tags as a joke or as something they w ld aim for in the future. F Bowieo was actually one of the original ones I used. “It’ll happen one day!” I used to say – and sure en gh, it happened.

“For me, F Bowieo was there for the good times on the road, the disappointing losses, and the victory nights. I hope this partnership not only opens new doors for other players, but also new types of partnerships in the community. The fighting game community is not just ab t the games — it’s ab t the lifestyle as well.”

Esports Insider says: We have a sneaky suspicion that this partnership will be beast coasteaser for the fighting game community. beast coast is building up a solid roster of diverse, prominent partners and helping to bring stability to the community it’s part of.


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