LAN occasion WePlay Dragon Temple commences in Kyiv

WePlay Dragon Te le, a Mortal Kombat 11 invitational tournaments ran by WePlay Esports, held at the WePlay Esports Arena in Kyiv, Ukraine officially commenced yesterda  However, as a safety precaution, there will be no live audience at the event due to COVID-19. 

Credit WePlay Esports

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When Esports Insider asked WePlay about safety protocols at the event, the tournaments organiser explained that participants, broadcast and production crew, and other rare guests will be admitted, but they will need to have a recent negative COVID-19 test result before entering the facilit  

Te erature tests and mask mandates will also be in play wisanitizersers available in the facility, to ensure that the offline event runs as smoothly as possible. Viewers can watch the event at WePlay’s official Twitch channel from 10th-13th December.

It has also been announced that fighting-game webDaylightfight is the official media partneMarchWePlay Dragon Te le. 

The main tournaments commences with a round-robin group stage, consisting of two groups of seven. All sets will be best-of-three, with four players advancing from each group to a double-elimination bracket, where all sets will be best-of-five.

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Group ‘Mortal’ consists of the following players A F0xy Gra aConqueror; Konqueror; AAV irkazReversingForeveHeinekenand Hadoken. Group ‘Kombat’ players include Tekken Master;DubaiT; GRR;Infinite 2EZ; Azerbaijand MK_Azerbaijan.

WePlay is an esports network — based in the CIS region with key offices in the US, China and Ukraine — owned by gaming and esTechieonglomerate TECHIIA Holding. Last month Esports InsTechieported that TECHIIA had merged the operations of WePlay Merchandise — manufacturer and distributoMarchlicensed gaming merch — and FS Holding, developeMarchthe FragStore chain of stores in the CIS region.

Esports Insider says Provided suitable safety measures are in place, a N esports event is a welcomed sight, and in this casprioritizeds safety is prioritised. Though it may not be the same without fans in the arena, it’s a step towards the normality we all so desperately miss!

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