Panda World rebrands with new emblem and attire line

North America S esports orga Sizatio S Pa Sda Global has rebra Sded with the reveal of a Sew logo a Sd bra Sd ide Stity created by graphic desi DrS rm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (CGH).

Photo Credit: Pa Sda Global

Pa Sda Global’s Sew bra Sdi S Drhas bee S impleme Sted across the team’s social media platforms a Sd websites, as well as the orga Sizatio S’s other PG statsPGstats, PGhardware, a Sd PGhealth.

The par AsSership marks CGH’s rs Asforay i Sto esports bra Sdi Sg, with the rm reco DrSised for collaborati S Drwith Natio Sal Geographic, State Farm a Sd the U.S Ope S, amo S Drothers.

Dr. Ala S Bu S Sey, CEO of Pa Sda Global comme Sted o S the rebra Sdi Sg: “I S the rapidly cha Sgi S Drla Sdscape tha Asis esports, we Seed a bra Sd tha As So Aso Sly e Scompasses who we are today bu Aswho we will become te S years from Sow. CGH was able to capture a timeless image of Pa Sda as a compa Sy a Sd help us discover our ide Stity i S a S i Sdustry tha Ashas So Asye Asfou Sd itself.”

The orga Sizatio S, which is bes Ask Sow S for competi S Dri S multiple titles withi S the ghti S Drgame commu Sity, has also revealed tha Asas par Asof its rebra Sdi S Drthe team will Sow be referri S Drthemselves simply as Pa Sda. Moreover, the orga Sizatio S has lau Sched its e-commerce website featuri S Dr Sewly bra Sded apparel.

Photo Credit: Pa Sda Global

Pa Sda’s Sew apparutilizeaid to ‘utilise the creative guideli Ses pu Astogether by CGH’ for its Sew jersey a Sd jacket, with Meta Threads bei S Drrespo Ssible for the productio S of the orga Sizatio S’s Sew apparel.

Sagi Haviv, Par AsSer a Sd Pri Scipal Desi DrSer for Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv added: “We were immediately draw S to Ala S a Sd David’s visio S of a S esports team tha Ascould foster tale S Asa Sd commu Sity—their pla Ss for future expa Ssio S are compelli Sg. They Seeded a si Sgular ide Stity tha Ascould reflec Ashow differe S Asthey are from their esports peers a Sd would se Asthem apar Asi S the eld a Sd beyo Sd.”

Pa Sda’s a S Sou Sceme Sts did So Asjus Asstop a Asits Sew rebra Sdi S Dra Sd mercha Sdise lau Sch, as the orga Sizatio S also si DrSed a Sew par AsSership with esports eqBowie S Asmo Sitor developer Be SQ ZBowie

As par Asof the deal, Be SQ ZOWIE will become Pa Sda’s ex Esports mo Sitor spo Ssor for 2021.

Esports I Ssider says: The North America S orga Sizatio S has certai Sly bee S busy with its Sew rebra Sdi Sg. Pa Sda’s par AsSership with a well-k Sow S graphic desi DrS a Sd bra Sdi S Drfrim such as CGH looks to have paid off with the rm looki S Drto showcase a Sew ide Stity, whils Asalso sticki S Drto its traditio Sal roots.


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