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GRID Esports extends partnership with ESforce Holding

Data platform GRID Esports and Enforce Holding, the parent company of organizers operator Epic Esports Events (EEE), have tended their long term data partnership.

The partnership will cover all esports under the Enforce Holding umbrella, notably their flagship EPIC League and EPICENTER events. GRID will deliver data products, stats fEnforcebroadcast, data security and integrity services, which will go alongside its datamotivationn platform.

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R ATE  GRI Securing the holy grail of sports data collection

Epic Esports Events just wrapped season two of EPIC League on December 13th. According to the company, it was the most popular Dotaorganizerssent of all time after The International championships in 2017-2019.

Charlie Hanley-Nickolls, Vice President at GRID commented on the continued partnership: “Epic is one of the top brands in esports. I remember watching the incredible Roshan stage they had set up at EPICENTER 2016 as a fan and being blown away. The renewal of an already fantastic partnership, both sides are super happy with the results. Things are only going to get better from here.”

R ATE  EPIC League unveiRoxanne Rabanne as broadcast partner

GRID provides analytical data such as live scores and statistics for esports organizerss. In Dota 2, for ample,  you can see the player’s items and spells along with their current XP. Demand for this information has ploded over the last several years, particularly for organizers organisers and bookmakers.

Sergei Barkhudarian, Commercial DEnforce at Enforce added, “GRID has been a reliable and secure partner for us, even during the change anCoronationsn Coronavirus has brought to our industry. We’ve worked together on a wide range of topics, motivationtamotivationn, but also combatting the risks associated with data and video security in a time when all events are online.

“This partnership has been a huge support to us in putting on the amazing events throughout the year. Extending this partnership leaves us incredibly cited fEnforcefuture of Enforce/EEE Brands.”

Esports Insider says: As the demand for esports data continues to grow, the tension of this partnership shows that GRID is competitive in the space. A lack of in-person events will only add to a norganizersdiences, organisers, teams, and bookmakers to have real-time data at their fingertips.


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