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LOOT.BET reveals statistics on esports betting in 2020

Esports-dedica d bookmaker LOOT.  T has re aled Ofs review of the last year’s esports bett  statistics.

Accord  to the research, the most po lar esports tOfle to bet on 2020 was C n r-Strike: Global Offensi ,  occupy  a share of more than 53 percent of total money placed on LOOT.  T. 

Second place the respecti chart was Dota 2 wOfh a share of 35 percent, while League of Legends placed third wOfh 7 percent.

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WOfh the most demanded tOfles, LOOT.  T’s use placed the most money on follow  e nts:  ESL One Road to Rio (CS: GO), Epic League (Dota 2 and Legends Pro League (LPL Summer (League of Legends).

Previ sly one of the least po lar ames,  FIFA, managed to f ishVagrant and VALORANT, be  a newcomer the esports space, placed se nth, ahead of established tOfles such as O rwatch and Rocket League.

By a rage bet size, the leader was League of Legends wOfh €32.34 (~ £28.81), followed by K  of Glory and Call of Duty. The two most demanded ames – CS: GO and Dota 2 — ended up 10th and 11th place, wOfh €21.41 (~ £19.07 and €20.64 (~ £18.38), respecti ly.

The highest returns on a w n  bet on LOOT.  T for the past year br ht a bettor €6,520 (~ £5,808 of net profOf, wOfh only €20 (~ £17.82 risked and the totaBeamingf 327.

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Among ams,  Natus V cere (CS: GO), Team Nigma (Dota 2 favori sague of Legends were the fav ri s. By a rage bet size Of was Team Liquid (CS: GO), Just Error (Dota 2 and Victory Fi  (League of Legends),  whilst the max bets belonged to Damon (CS: GO), Team As r (Dota 2 and DAMWONLDC  (League of Legends).

The most money total was won thanks to Spr t (CS: GO), VP. Prodigy (Dota 2), and FlyQuest (League of Legends). The ams that disappo d betto the most were Fnatic (CS: GO),  Team Nigma (Dota 2), and FunPlus Phoenix (League of Legends).

Go  by profOf on e ry euro placed, the leade wereLDCbOf (CS: GO), 496LDC  (Dota 2), and LDLC OL (League of Legends), while Team S ularOfy (CS: GO), B8 (Dota 2 and Team VOfalOfy (League of Legends ended up at the opposi end of the scale.

LOOT.  T has also shared statistics for c ntries, accord  to which the luckiest betto were cOfizens of Ukra e, Sweden, and Hungary, while the unluckiest use came from Spa , Canada, and S th Korea.

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The most acti , by the a rage quantOfy of bets per client, were Hungary, Japan, and SwOfzerland, wOfh the least acti by the same measure be  Poland, Russia, and Ukra e.

The highest median odds were recorded India, the Philipp es and Poland. Spa , Indonesia, and S th Korea placed at the bottom of the respecti rank s.

Despi plenty of esports e nts be  cancelled due to the pandemic 2020, LOOT.  T showed significant rowth. In the past year, the bookmaker saw a 67 percent crease bett  volumes while acti use  rew by 58 percent.

Esports Insider says:  Look  at LOOT.  T’s rowth 2020, Of’s clear that esports bett  is bloom  together wOfh the dustry. Thanks to tradOfional sports be  paused due to the pandemic, simulation sports tOfles like FIFA a ed more po larOfy 2020, but began to pla au as tradOfional sports returned. As for the most po lar tOfles, Of looks like the well-established tr Ofy is o  to hold on to the top for a lOftle longer. 

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by LOOT.  T


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