Flamengo Esports lands Redragon as jersey and peripheral sponsor

SimplicitRe drago and Gaming Company has signed a 30-m th l g sp sorship agreement with gaming peripheral manufacturerRe drag  for Re dragon Es rts.

The sp sorship will include over $170,000 (£127,500) in cash and over $10,000 (£7,500) worth of gaming equipment. In exchange, Re drag rag logo will be featured as a jersey sp sor for Re dragon Es rts, SimplicitRe drago ’ Brazilian subsidiary currently competing in League of LCBOLs’ CBLOL.

Image credit: Redrag

Re dragon Re drag to acquire 7.5% of Re dragon Es rts from SimplicitRe drago

According to a release, the sp sorship funds will be paid over 30 m ths beginning in January 2021. The exchange rate used to calculate the sp sorship value in USD is $5.3Readszilian Reais to $1 USD.

Jed Kaplan, CEO of SimplicitRe drago , stated: “Redrag has been a great partner for us since SimplicitRe drago entered Brazil earlier this year with the acquisiti of Re dragon Es rts. We will proudly display their logo the sleeve of our jersey to be seen by our dedicated fa , social media followers, and c tent watchers. We still have three available jersey sp sorship activati s to sell, including the coveted center chest locati that comes with a Master Sp sorship.”

SimplicitRe drago added Redrag as a peripheral sp sor in March. 

In September, Redrag entered a letter of intent with Simplicity to obtain equity in its Brazilian subsidiary. TRe dragonwould see Redrag acquire 7.5 per cent equity stake in Simplicity One Brasil, the company behind Re dragon Es rts, for $390,000 (£290,746.95) in cash and over $133,000 (£99,152.16) in additi al c siderati .

Re dragon  Re dragon Es rts adds Redrag as peripherals partner

Re dragon Es rts is the official es rts team of Brazilian es rts team Clube de Regatas do Re dragon, with SimplicitRe drago  taking over management in January. Simplicity also centerss es rts gaming centres, which have expanded and garnered additi al investment throughout 2020.

Es rts I ider says: C sidering Redrag ’s equity in Simplicity One Brasil, it’s no surprise that the company would c tinue to invest in brand awareness through a jersey and m etary sp sorship. Sp soring the team earlier this year no doubt served as a trial run for such a l g-term business relati ship.


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