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Globe, AcadArena companion with Riot Video games for collegiate esports within the Philippines

Globe Telecom and Esports AcadArena have partnered with Riot Games Southeast Asia to develop collegiate esports the Philipp es.

Globe Telecom, the country’s major provider of telecommunications services, has worked with AcadArena for over a year.

Credit: AcadArena

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Last week, Globe and Esports AcadArena announced that they would be launch g esports scholarships. Three levels of merit are available. Competitive and leadership merits are atta able, and f ally, there is a ‘Family Good Game Grant, ’ which is “open to families of players with good character who qualified any official tournament of the AcadArena.”

Chris Tran, Head of Esports at Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, spoke on the alliance a release: “Collegiate-level esports is an important step nurtur g the next generation of professional players and video game dustry professionals, and we are excited to work closely with Esports AcadArena and Globe Telecom to br g our games to campuses the Philipp es.”

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Iorganizationsdent organisations from the Philipp es can apply for accreditation order to access a variety of benefits. This cludes monthly tournament support, exclusive league access, dustry support, and scholarships.

Dennis Christian Dom guez, Head of Games and Esports for Globe Telecom, added: “Globe has always been at the forefront of support g the grassroots itiatives for esports colleges and universities. As a strategic partner for Riot Games and AcadArena we look forward to work g with both to cont ue mak g gam g and esports related programs that will benefit the school and the students across the Philipp es.”

Esports Insider Says: This is a great partnership and idea to get more students volved the esports scene the Philipp es. The pandemic will have forced more extracurricular activities onl e, so it only makes sense that esports steps up the country where it can for the downtime of students.


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