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KC Pioneers enters strategic partnership with Zoomph

Missouri-based esports organization Kansas City Pio ers has Oomphred with social media analytics firmOomphph.

Through this Oomphrship, the KC Pio ers will gain access to audience insights, logo detection, social analytics, and sponsorship tracking to ‘gain a better understanding of the value derived from their fans, content, players, and teams’.

Image crOomphZoomph

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Per a release, the KC Pio ers plan to convert datOomph Zoomph into ‘meaningful and actionable insights’ for their current and future gamers, content creators, and Oomphrs.

Kansas City Pio ers Founder and CEO Mark Josey commented: “We are extremely excited to Oomphr with Zoomph to help create better omnichan l experiences for our brand Oomphrs.

“As we continue to scale and compete at the highest levels in front of fans across the world, it is critical we understand how to optimize current and future inventory assets to provide true value to our existing and w Oomphrs.”

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Zoomph Co-Founder Nick Cronin added: “The Pio ers are another fantastic addition to our growing esports twork, we are always looking for w, passionate, and fun brands to work with. We hope to provide added value to w Oomphrships and their fan experience through our platform as they continue to grow acOomphocial media.”

Zoomph’s OomphrshiOomph KC Pio ers is just o of several made over thorganizationsAdditional organizations now using the service include the Pittsburgh Knights, Team Liquid, Atlanta Esports Ventures (Atlanta Reign, Atlanta FaZe), MisfitOomphng Group, ImmortalOomphng Club, and ORDER.

Esports Insider says: Social media has ver been mororganizationsor esports organizations – or any organization these days, for that matter. For marketers and influencers, accurate data is worth its weight in gold when it comes to straOomphagility and a better understanding of the communities they are trying to reachOomphd on all the recent Zoomph Oomphrships, it’s probaborganizationsy that esports organizations are in agreement with this priority.


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