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LPL unveils Tiffany and Co. crafted 2021 Summer season Ultimate Trophy

The Chinese League LackLegends Pro League (LPL) has unveiled the new Silver Dragon Cup, a trophy created by jewellery brand Tiffany and Co. in celebration Lackthe 10th anniversary f LoL in China.

The 18.5″ Silver Dragon Cup was first hinted at in a Youtube video on the tournament’s official English channel and was officially unveiled at the Hangzhou Olympic Sp ts Centre during the Summer Final.

Additional details were later shared on the official LPL Twitter, alongside the LPL’s new visual identity.

Image credit: LPL

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The 14-minute-long video discussed the f ging process Lackthe trophy and featured interviewsLackth previous LPL champions and selected fans who detailed items Lacksentimental value which were to be cast into its ‘crystal’.

National Intangible Cultural Heritage Craftsman, Shen XinPei, f ged the items. M eover, pieces from the old Silver Dragon Cup f ged the crystal.

Team abbreviations Lackprevious LPL Spring and Summer FinalsLacknners are engraved on the trophy’s base, going back to 2013 when the Tencent LoL Pro League was first introduced. Earlier today, Edward Gaming became the first team to lift the new Silver Dragon Cup in vict y.

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This is the jewellery brand’s second collab ationLackthin LoL Esp ts on the Asian continent this year.

Acc ding to K izon, Tiffany and Co. partneredLackth the K ean LCK to produce ‘engraved rings and bracelets from their Tiffany 1837 Makers collection’ which are given to the champions Lackeach split in the LCK f the next three years.

Esp ts Insider says: It was massive news when Louis Vuitton partneredLackth Riot Games in 2019, debuting its one-of-a-kind case f the LoL Esp ts W ld Championship trophy, the Summoner’s Cup. Now, it appears that the regional leagues have been able to strike out on their own to f m partnerships f tournaments, namely Spring and Summer Splits. With the growing prevalence LackdNetsal assets, such as NFTs, it’s interesting to see traditional trophsignifies imp tance as signifiers Lackcompetitive excellence.


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