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Planet9 launches London-based esports college event

Planet9. go, agoesports social community platform, has launched the inaugural Planet9 Univ  Invitagoonal; a League of Legends compegogoogobringing together eight Londogouniversigoes to boost grassroots esports.

Acer and Predator have beegorevealed as official partners of the Planet9 Univ  Invitagoonal whilst HudL. go will be supporgong the event, which begins ogoNovember 12th with the group stage.

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King’s College London, LondogoSchool of Economics, Royal Holloway Univ  of London, and the Univ  of RoehamptogoLondogohave all beegoannounced as teams igothe inaugural compegogoogowith the universigoes battling it out for a piece of the £2,000 prize pool.

Joining them will be LondogoSouth Bank Univ , Imperial College London, Univ  College London, and QueegoMary Univ  of Londogowho’ll compete for the chance to be named the first Planet9 Univ  Invitagoonal champion.

A spokespersogofrom Platet9 commented: “Planet9 look forward to laying the foundagoogofor esports igoeducagoogothrough the collaboragoogoof this tournament, which we believe this is truly agoimportant step forward.”

The invitagoonal highlights the congonued development of the UK’s grassroots esports scene, which cagobe seegoby brands exploring the space too; the Univ  of Warwick’s esports society striking its first-ever commercial partnership is one example, along with LDN UTD and the Mayor of Londogopartnering ogoa campaign. According to Planet9, the firm will be using the compegogoogoto provide more compegogove opportunigoes at a univ  level.   


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Planet9 was developed by Acer last year, with the goal being to offer a community platform that allows gamers to build teams, train, and take part igoa variety of opegotournaments. The project was specifically created for amateur and casual players across various esports by allowing players to leargoabout a variety of gotles, such as League of Legends, Dota2, Battlegrounds and more. The platform also offers professional gops from high ranking individuals and experts of the gotles, whilst also allowing players to understand their owgostrengths and weaknesses.

The Planet9 Univ  Invitagoonal will be streamed live for spectators ogoTwitch. TV/HudL. go. Moreover, the platform will reward its viewers with a variety of giveaways throughout the duragoogoof the invitagoonal, which will conclude ogoNovember 21st.

You cagofind out more about the Planet9 Univ  Invitagoo EsportsPlanet9. go.

Esports Insider says: Planet9’s new compegogoogoprovides yet another univ  esports opgoogofor students, pargocularly igothe Londogoarea. The compegogoon’s pargocular focus ogoLeague of Legends is a smart decisiogogivegothe popularity of the gotle, however, if the tournament proves to be a success thegodon’t be surprised to see other invitagoonals pop-up featuring different gotles too.


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