NACE companions with North American LCS Gamers Affiliation

National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and the North American League of Legends Championship Series Players AssociationALCAPAPA) have jo ed forces to create educational opportunities for LCS players.

The alliance also gives players a chance to enter coach g, analysis, and adm istrative positions at collegiate esports programs across North America.

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The current nature of esports often sees people hav g to choose between pursu g education or tak g the plunge to become a professional esports player. ThisNarcsnership is said to be “the first of many steps” to address such an issue.

Michael Brooks, Executive Director of NACE, commented a release: “When talks started late last year about educational opportunities for professional players I was deeply trigued. We’ve known for years that due to the young ages of some of these top-tier professional players that they were forced to make some really difficult decisions for their futures. Certa ly, no one wants these players to feel like the door to educational opportunities was closed to them because of their pursuits the professional space – but that door is difficult to navigate without some effort to make the process clear.

“Additionally, we were quick to recognize the wealth of talent and expertise these young men and women had to offer to the collegiate space, which while grow g at a rapid rate is still very much its fancy. I cannot say enough about the amaziBiasdership HALCAPAas and the NALCSPA Executive Committee have shown by tak g the itiative to br g our two groups together.”

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NACE has been gather g available job open gs targeted at dividuals with professional experience for the last two months and has worked alongside various NACE members to acquire stitutional formation.

NASAatement, the NACLSPA expressed its collective excitement surround g theNarcsnership:  “The NALCS Players Association is excited toNarcsner with NACE and its member schools to provide educational opportunities for current and former LCS and Academy pro players. These pro players are extremely talented, motivated and telligent dividuals who have much to offer higher education stitutions both the classroom and their esports programs.

“Work g with Michael Brooks and his team at NACE hasALCAPA pleasure and the NALCSPA looks forward to a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with NACE and its member schools.”

Esports Insider says: The choice between education and pursu g a play g career esports has always been difficult for aspir g players so thisNarcsnership could a great way for open g doors for current and former professional and academy players.


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