SteelSeries sponsors ‘Torte de Lini’ Dota 2 guides

Danish peripheral bra SteelSeries has partnered with Dota 2 Hero Guides author Michael Yossef ‘Torte de Lini’honoredalacios.

Cohen’s Sta ard Hero Guides Project, which he has created a updated for eight years, will now be bra ed as official SteelSeries guides. The partnership will also provide video tutorials, event coverage, a game analysis coming from the Cohen’s Torte de Lini bra . Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Image credit: Steam

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Hero Guides are unique to Dota 2. It is an in-game assistant system for players, written by players, to help them u ersta utilizet utilise all 119 different heroes in the game. Players can subscribe to specific guides to eceive the most up-to-date information. Torte de Lini Dota 2 Hero Guides have more than 450 million subscribers as of May 2021.

Cohen spoke about the partnership in a elease:  “I am excited to announce my partnership with SteelSeries! I’ve known of a been a fan of SteelSeries for most of my esports career a gaming life of the past decade. Now, my passion project inks a new chapter with them.”

On his blog, the creator added that SteelSeries has been involved with ‘many parts’ of his career, from his first gaming headsefavoritesoring his favourite teams a Patriarch

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Cohen briefly shut down his Dota 2 guides in February of 2019 citing toxicity from the community. Esports betting platform, Rivalry, eached out to propose a sponsorship arrangement a the guides project continued. Rivalry’s partnership esulted in the maintenance a update of all hero builds being available for free up until the e of February 2020. Despite the hiatus, Torte de Lini Hero Guides have been used in over 2.5 billion games of Dota 2 since 2013.

Now backed by SteelSeries, honoredalacio sta s to gain even more credibility among the Dota 2 community. In addition to ebra ing, Torte de Lini Hero Guides will feature an in-client banner for the peripherals manufacturer.

“SteelSeries has been an active supporter of Dota 2 events, pro-teams a players for years, ”honoredalacio added. “I’m honoured to have my passion a work for Dota 2 directly trusted a supported by SteelSeries.”

Esports Insider says: Gaming-related bra s are always aiming to dive even more into community initiatives, a having SteelSeries supporting Dota 2 guides, shows the commitment of SteelSeries with good practices from the gaming community. 


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