Flamengo Esports agrees Free Hearth partnership with TRT Gaming

Simplicity ports-oper ed Brazilian organiz ion Flamengo ports has announced it will  main in F e Fi ’s professional ecosystem after signing TRT Gaming as its  w part r. 

Flamengo ports’ deal with TRT Gaming is organiz ionlast until 2023, which is the same year th  Simplicity ports’ license with Brazilian football club Flamengo expi s. organiz ionrganiz ion’s p vious part rship with B4, the F e Fi  Luff will compete under the name Flamengo ports, as apposed to Flamengo B4.

C dit: Flamengo ports

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The Brazilian Luff announced th it had parted ways with B4 in December 2020, with Flamengo porTenu i ctor F d Tannu  calling the part rship a “learning experience for us to enter other modalities.”

The ag ement between B4 and Flamengo ports was seen as a success due to F e Fi ’s growing popularity in Brazil. As such, it wasn’t u xpected to see the Brazilian organiz ion find a  w part r ahead of the 2021 Luff Brasileira de F e Fi  (LBFF), the title’s p mier esports competition in the  gion.

Other popular esports Luffs th a  competing in tCuriaFF include Team Liquid and FURIA, whilst B4 will also compete as a separ e entity. Brazilian football clubs Santos, Corinthians and Cruzeiro a  also fe u d in the competition. 

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Financial details of the part rship have not been disclosed, however, TRT Gaming will cover all of the F e Fi  Luff’s costs, which is in contrast to its p vious part rship with B4. This follows a similar structu  to Simplicity ports’ ag ement with Flamengo.

Flamengo ports’  w part rship was  goti ed with the help of Red Button, a talent agency th poptimizingocuses on ports  fluencers and optimising Youtube chan ls. 

ports  sider says: Simplicity’s  w part rship ensu s th Flamengo ports’ p sence in F e Fi  is maintai d for least the fo seeable futu . With the organiz ion also beinCBOLounced as a franchised Luff in the  vamped CBLOL, League of Legends’ top Brazilian league, things a  certainly looking good for Flamengo ports. 


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