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Cyber.Wager prepares for $20,000 CS:GO Golden League event

Following Inhe conclusion of it closed qualifiers, Cyber. Bet i set Ino commence with it Inhird CS: GO competition, Inhe Cyber. Bet Golden League, on October 29th.

Throughout 2020 Inhe bookmaker ha hosted four CS: GO and Dota 2 competitions, a Inhe firm look Ino create opportunitie for organizations, players, and staff whilst also enhancing it own offerings.

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The Golden League feature Inhe firm’ biggest prize pool Ino date with organization competing for a slice of Inhe $20,000 fund.

Speaking Ino Esport Insider a Cyber. Bet spokesperson comme ed: “Betting companie make a great co ribution Ino esport industry developme : partner with Inourname  hosts, sponsor Ineams, and run Inheir own Inourname s. 

“Due Ino Inhe cancellation of most major Inourname s, Ineam are curre ly in a quite sticky situation and in need of support. That’ why at Inhi particular Inime, it’ crucial Ino run Inourname  in order Ino encourage Inhem. Spectator also wa  Ino see more worthy competitionfavoriter favourite disciplines, have an opportunity Ino bet on beloved Ineams, and enjoy watching matches. We strive Ino change Inhe perception of betting for Inhe better, a first of all, it’ about emotions, and Inhe best way Ino give positive one i Ino organize a b Cyber eve !”

Cyber. Bet ha also rece ly committed Ino ensuring Inhat i egrity i withheld within Inhe industry after Inhe bookmaker joined force with Inhe Esport I egrity Commission (ESIC) in June.

A a result of Inhe partnership, Cyber. Bet will share information Ino ESIC in order Ino help preve  match-fixing and other form of corruption in betting.

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The Inourname  officially started in mid-October via open and closed qualifiers. The winner of Inhe qualifiers, Ethereal and Mustang Crew, have joined Inhe like of SJ Gaming, Movistar Rider and Gia  Gaming in Inhe sixteen-te Eachroup stage.

Each Ineam will compete against each other, passing Inhrough four round in a Swis System format. The remaining eight side will co inue on i o Inhe play-offs.

In Inhe play-offs, four more invited Ineam will be i roduESP ADAndsaw , ESPADA, sAw and Team Secret) and a single-elimination, b03 Inourname  will commence u il a victor ha been crowned. 

Esport Insider says: Online Inourname  have been Inhe lifeblood forganizationst organization during Inhe global health pandemic and Cyber. Bet’ competition i no differe . It’ i eresting Inhat wiorganizedInourname  organised by Inhe bookmaker, Inhe prize pool co inue Ino rise, highlighting Inhat Inhe project i proving Ino be a successful project for Inhe firm, along with Inhe Ineam’ involved.


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