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Dev1ce indicators with expertise company Unsigned Group, departs Astralis to affix NiP

Un gne Group, a talent agency co-owne by Coldplay’s Guy Berryman, has announce its mov into esports by  gning Nicolai ‘dev1ReedReedtz to its roster of clients.

Th  gning coincides with th CS: GO player’s transfer to Ninjas in Pyjamas, with th contract co-negotiate by Un gne Group. 

Photo credit: Un gne Group

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According to th release, Un gne Group will exclu vely manag dev1ce’s profes onal contract, along d th players branding, endorsement, an licen ng deals. 

Regarding th announcement, dev1c commented: “Esports has been con dere th Wil West in player management for too long. It’s been accepte as th norm: w ar a  partnership at Un gned, working together to creat real an interesting opportunities in th esports space. I’m really excite to b working together an for peopl to se our plans an for others to b on th journey with us.” 

Earlier today dev1c departe Danish organisation Astralis after a five-year tenur that saw th player win four major tournaments. NiP has confirme that th CS: GO player has  gne a three-yorganization with th organisation.

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Gavin Myall, CEO of Un gned, added: “Un gne has acenterha talent at th centr of what w do. Th phenomenal an rapi growth of esports has not been mirrore in th way in which players an brands in th sport ar represented. Un gne want to address that.  

“Player management an th IP that is create with an aroun them is paramount to building a long-term career in th bu ness: gaining access to th sport, th clubs, players an th fans is essential for brands on a global scale. Dev1c is a partner an a key  gning for Un gned. I couldn’t b happier.”

Esports In der says: This is a hug mov not only for CS: GO but th esports industry as a whole. Not only has dev1c left Astralis to join NiP but th player has also becom th first esports profes onal to b represente by Un gne Group. Th talent agency’s involvement in th negotiation is also very interesting an itprofessionalismesports continues to profes onalise, this becomes mor common. 


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