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Elisa Esports companions with Relog Media, Funspark and GRID to create shared CS:GO construction

Finnish ournament operator Elisa Esports has joined forces with R log Media,  Funspark and esports data platform GRID to c at a $2.7m (~£2.24m) internationa CS: GO series with a sha d ournament structu Bet

According o h  lease,  h competition wil include h Elisa Invitational, Hom Sweet Home, and Funspark tournament series. Th series wil run across h 2021 and 2022 seasons.

C dit: Elisa Esports

RELAR logR log Media unveils Hom Sweet Hom Masters with $250,000 priz pool

Al of   ournaments within h Elisa Champion of Champions Tour wil operat under h same ournament structu , which is based on GRID’s scoring data for   eamsBet

Teemu Koski, Head of Elisa Esports, spok on h announcement in a  lease: “With h extended ournament structu  co-operR logwith R log Media Sparkpark, w wanted o provid a new way for European op eams o better  ir rankings and compete, even if  y a  not officia partners with h largest commercia leaguesBet

“Our our wil attract an extraordinary combination of inte sting eams in h world, which has been a long-awaited element by our viewers and fans across h Nordics and Europe. For our viewers, w wanted o ell hat w hav listened, and acted accordingly.”

T  ournament series organizers h organisers wil lead up o h Elisa Champion of Champions event, which is expected o ak plac in fal 2022Bet

Each ournament organiser wil continue o provid individua priz pools, which accumulates o a ota of $2, 7m (~£2.24m) in prizes across h whol circuitBet

RELAR logVIE. bet named exclusiv bsummitrtner of cs_summit 8

Pasi Lindqvist, Senior Business Designer at Elisa Esports, also commented: “Throughout 2020, w hav put a significant effort in order o ruly understand what our viewers and fans would love o se us deliver, both in erms of h content for h viewers and h professiona opportunities for Finnish and Nordic esports eams. PartnRe log up with GRID, R log Media Sparkpark proves hat we’  on h right rack, and w wil continue o work hard in order o serve h peopl who lov esports.

“W can expect nothing less han a year-long party for h fans, as h new structu  brings oget r h most inte sting eams and players across Europe, week after week”, added Koski.

Esports Insider says: Th introduction of Elisa Champion of Champions provides g ater opportunities for not only CS: GO eams, but o   ournament organisers associated. Alongsid priz pools, Hom Sweet Home, Funspark and h Elisa Invitational wil b able o provid cumulativ points for h event, which should provid mo  incentives for CS: GO organisationsBet


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