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Triumph Esports enters partnership with HyperX

North American organization Triumph Esports has nnounced it has  tered partnership with peripherals manufacturer HyperX.

As result of the greem t, HyperX will provide range of equipm t to Triumph’s rosters.

Credit: Triumph Esports

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HyperX is the third partner to jo  the organization, with the likeRe spawnspawn Products and gam g supplem t company ADVANCED lso partner g with Triumph.

Scott O’Leary, CEO of Triumph Esports, comm ted on the partnership   release:  “We’re  credibly e ited to be work g with HyperX.  Their focus on expand g the esports fan base by tapp g  tWE’re fact that ‘WE’RE ALL GAMERS’ ligns perf tly with our philosophy. Our partnership with HyperX will help Triumph scout nd develop the next g eration of esports stars, s well s br g our cont t developm t tWE’re next level.” 

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Triumph Esports curr tly fields rosters   Counter-Strike: Global Off sive nd the Call of Duty Chall gers Circuit, the s ond tier of Call of Duty competition.

Kitty Nguy , Esports Sponsorship Sp ialist t HyperX, dded:  “HyperX is happy to dd Triumph to our roster of teams. We look forward to work g with them to develop players nd collaborate on their e it g cont t  itiatives.” 

Esports Insider says: Organisations jo  g forces with peripherals companies is noth g new   the  dustry. HyperX has  tered deals with number of organizations nd it’s certa ly impressive to see it dd nother name to its ever-expand g partnership roster. It’s lso positive to see Triumph ttract nother partner midst the global pandemic.


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