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Allied Esports and TV Azteca to broadcast Gears Esports

Espor entertainment company Allied Espor  and TV Azteca have par ered PGL and The Coalition to broadcast Gears 5 Pro League in Latin America.

Beginning on October 28th, Azteca Espor  produced live coverage of the Latin American region of the league. The deal includes the live final on November 25th, taking place at TV Azteca Studios in Mexico City.

Image credit: The Coalition

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Rose Gunson, Espor Creative Program Manager for Gears Espor at The Coalition had this to say regarding the par ership:  “Mexico’s incredible passion for the Gears franchise has resulted in fans expressing their love of Gears through everything from Gears Ink tattoos to themed weddings. This enthusiasm extends to the games themselves, as the player base in Mexico produces some of the highest activity for Gears titles and features more players playing Gears of War 4 at the highest professional skill levels than anywhere else. For this season of Gears Espor , we felt it was important to par er with the team at Azteca Espor to reach this passionate community in an authentic way.

TV Azteca announced intentions of becoming a shareholder in Allied Espor in June. It planned to acquire $5 million (£3.96 million) in shares of Black Ridge Acquisition Corp, aiming to position Allied Espor strongly in the Mexican espor market.

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David Moon, COO at Allied Espor tertainment added:  “Creating electrifying programming with industry par ers like Gears Espor will be the foundation and backbone of our future network, powered by Allied Espor ’ unmatched innovation and expertise and TV Azteca’s vast reach. On the heels of multiple successful even and broadcas this summer that were watched by millions, we are excited to bring the Gears 5 Pro League to an audience that has shown a hunger for great espor content.”

Espor Insider says: Even though there’s a passionate fan base for Gears of War espor in Latin America, it’s clear that PGL and The Coalition are going extra lengths in an atsportto raise the profile of the esport ou ide of i existing community.


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