IBM introduces AI-driven Overwatch League Energy Rankings

Global technology and data services firm IBM h  introduced Power Rankings with ats , an AI-powered method of evaluating player and team performances in the Overwatch League

According to the rele e, the soluti  will provide a weekly automated ranking systemutilizedd across the league’s digital, broadc t and social platfor . 

Image Credit: IBM

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Power Rankings with ats  is set to commence   April 16th, which is when Overwatch League’s new se   begins.

Noah Syken, Vice President of IBM Sports and Entertainment Partnerships, commented: “Gaming and esports are the fuentertainment, andment and we are proud to be adding the best-in-cl s analytics to enrich the fan experience.

“It’s a powerful dem strati  of what’s possible with data and AI today. e’ve used many of the same technologies to drive digital transformati  at banks or airlines, or retailers for years. But now, milli s of Overwatch League fans are going to see what IBM ats  can do.” 

The introducti  of a new ranking system is a part of the agreement made between IBM and the Overwatch League l t year. The partnership announcement revealed that both entities will ‘develop various data-driven soluti s for the league using the IBM ats  artificial intelligence and cloud-b ed infr tructure.’ 

IBM also promised to create tools to help the league process in-game data, produce more accurate ranking informati  and create predictive analysis elements for broadc ts. The deal is expected to run until the 2022 Overwatch League se  .

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J  Spector, Vice President of Overwatch Esports at Blizzard, added: “We’ve got really talented analysts that follow our players and tea , but there is so much happening in these matches — no human being could possibly observe and evaluate it all. e needed a way to capture and analyze every player’s move and feed all that insight into a ranking system that is totally objective and reliable.”

“It is also a great source of c versati  for our fans and broadc ters. Overwatch League fans love debating stuff like ‘Who is the best main tank in the world?’ The Power Rankings make that c versati  richer and more fun.”

Esports Insider says: Having data giants like IBM helping with the development of tailored analytics soluti s in esports c tributes to improved accuracy of the retrieved data,   well   to richer fan experience and incre ed engagement. It will be interesting to see what other innovative soluti s will the tech firm bring to the table. 



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